Napolean Bonaparte famously said, “There is no such thing as an accident; it is fate misnamed”.
I believe that to be true. I entered the world of marathon running without intent. With no running experience, no real training, and no idea what I was doing, I completed the Chicago Marathon in 2013. It was fate, indeed, that brought me to my first marathon. It is my new-found love for the sport that will carry me through achieving my running goals.
Welcome to the adventures of The Accidental Marathoner.

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The Calming Effects of Running

February 17, 2017 8:05 pm

Still one of my favorite workouts! Why do people run? For some, the answer might be weight loss, for others, it might be to improve heart health and fend off coronary disease, and for others it may be to build strength and stamina. The answer to this question of course, is very individual and probably a combination of many factors. I’ve been involved in some form of exercise most of my life, from basic calisthenics in the home, to aerobic exercise tapes (did someone say, “Let’s Get Physical”?), to weightlifting, and everything else in between! My main reason for exercising always has been for weight loss or to maintain a certain weight, but I certainly enjoy the added benefit of building muscle strength and stamina. Running is a relatively new form of exercise for me, having only been

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