Follow me using Bloglovin! Last night while scrolling through the feed of one of my Facebook Running groups, I saw that someone had posed this question. I seriously wondered if it was a joke. A makeup refresh station??? I thought I learned long ago not to make even an innocent comment on public posts. It’s just fodder for the trolls. But of course I had to comment, with an imbedded ‘settle down, trolls’ disclaimer: By this morning there were a number of new comments, some were for, but most were against the idea of wearing makeup for a race. The general consensus was, ‘whatever floatsRead More →

I (sort of) ran this race yesterday and quickly realized the many reasons this is my favorite local race. I ran the inaugural in 2016 and absolutely loved it, but had to bow out last year because of an out of town family wedding that same weekend. Before I begin, a little admission:  I did not train AT ALL for this race. My running resumé for the past four months includes those miserable two weeks in Chiberia in January logging miles wasting my time for the LuluLemon 80K Challenge, and then a 2.7 mile run just about 3-1/2 weeks ago. Seriously, that was it. But I signedRead More →

This post contains affiliate links. Happy FriYay everyone! On what is yet another cold, gray, and blustery Spring morning in the Midwest, why not pull up a chair with your favorite blankie and cup o’Joe and join me for a little conversation? If we were having coffee, I would tell you I have the best coffeemaker on earth. Seriously! My husband bought this monstrosity for me for Christmas five years ago because it supposedly makes the very best coffee, and I would have to say, I agree! A couple of weeks before Christmas this year, it stopped working. Yikes! I checked my receipt and wouldn’tRead More →

This post contains affiliate links. If you’ve read my recent posts, you know I’ve been the weary traveler as of late. I swear, there were times I didn’t know if I was coming or going. In fact at times, I was coming and going. Three time zones in 36 hours? Sheer madness! One of the hardest things for me to do when I travel is keep up with my fitness routine. Between the travel itself and the jet lag that comes along with it, the eight to ten hour work days, and then the sometimes less than ideal workout facilities, it can be tough. But with determinationRead More →

Happy Friday everyone! As it often does, March came in like a lion, and I sure do hope it will leave like a lamb. I’m so tired of winter in Chicago. The weather has been brutal. Why not pull up a chair and join me for a nice, warm cup o’ Joe? If we were having coffee, I would tell you I’m super excited to share that I am a 2018 SPIbelt Ambassador! I’m sure you’ve seen them–those awesome waist belts that people use during all kinds of workout activities, or to carry medical supplies and devices like insulin pumps. They come in fun patterns andRead More →

This post contains affiliate links Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you are having a day filled with love and happiness! To help you celebrate, I thought I would share some discounts on some products I absolutely love! Momentum Jewelry  Who doesn’t need (and love!) a little motivation every now and then? These motivational wraps and other products can help you stay on track and remember what an amazing person you are! You can check out their products using this link, and be sure to use the promo code sharetheSPARK2018 for 15% off of your order through March 31st! SPIBelt  I have used a SpiBelt toRead More →