Chicago and Marine Corps Marathon Training Recap, Week 11

Chicago and Marine Corps Marathon Training Recap, Week 11

The end of Week 11, and it’s time for the weekly recap.  I’m not gonna lie; it ain’t pretty.  I really thought I did more than I apparently did, but the Strava don’t lie! The (lack of) stats:

A little bit of weight training to end a lackluster week

Sunday, 9/3: 12-hour work day

Monday, 9/4:  12-hour work day

Tuesday, 9/5:  Unplanned rest day

Wednesday, 9/6:  8-hour work day

Thursday, 9/7:  I got nuthin’

Friday, 9/8:  45 minute strength training

Saturday, 9/10:  35 minute cardio/10 minute strength training

Oh well, take it all in stride and move on. This coming week will be lackluster as well with my son’s wedding coming up in just five (five!) days. Hey, I’ll get enough of a workout on the dance floor, right?

How is your fall race training going?  Who all is running either Chicago or MCM?


  1. At least you got in a few workout, better then a full week off!
    I have my half marathon this weekend and can’t wait!

  2. I don’t know how you do those 12-hour work days – you’re amazing!

  3. Ha! I love your Thursday. “I got nuthin’.”

    Weddings are so much fun! Congrats to you and your family!!

  4. We all have those tough weeks! My week last week wasn’t great either – started a new program and plan today and I already feel more motivated!

  5. Aw I hope you enjoy your son’s wedding this weekend! We do what we can as far as workouts go! Sometimes they have to be put last.

  6. Yeah but wedding adrenaline counts for a lot. Yay for wedding week! So exciting!

    1. Author

      We are so very happy and excited! This week will be pretty much a crapshoot with getting the workouts in. At least yesterday was my last work day before the wedding. And the weather is looking to be absolutely perfect!

  7. At least you got 2 days in! That night on the dance floor you will make up for the week and I will help you! Excited for the big day!!

  8. Well, I’d say the plentiful 12-hour work days count for something! I have a hunch you’re not slumped over a desk and seated the entire time (?)

  9. LOL. Weeks like that happen. I hope the wedding goes off without a hitch — except for the getting-hitched. 😉

  10. I could not do 12 hours days any more. That’s pretty much a workout in itself. And then you need the next day to recover! Good luck this weekend. I can’t wait to hear about the wedding!

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