Chicago and Marine Corps Marathon Training Recap, Weeks 5 & 6

Chicago and Marine Corps Marathon Training Recap, Weeks 5 & 6

I started Week 5 with a pleasant bike ride

This week’s marathon training recap covers two weeks for two reasons. For one, last Monday was the last day of July, which meant a Let’s Wine installment was due on the blog. Second, the past two weeks of marathon training have been lacking in, um, how should I say it? Oh yeah—marathon training. Between lots of work hours, lots going on at the home front, and lots of poor excuses, I managed only a few runs in the past two weeks. Looking back, Week 5 wasn’t horrible, though I didn’t hit all of my marks. Week 6 was nothing less than pathetic. So rather than give a blow-by-blow of what I didn’t get done, here is what I managed to do:

Monday, 7/24:  10.2 mile bike ride

Wednesday, 7/25:  7.1 mile run

Thursday, 7/26:    7.1 mile run (how’s that for consistency?)

Saturday, 7/28:  12.1 mile run

Monday, 7/31:  7.8 mile run plus a 1 mile evening stroll later in the day

Hanging out at the casino with my mom is much more fun than marathon training!

I completely fell off of all training for the remainder of Week 6 but oh well…can’t win ‘em all (unless you’re at the casino with your mom)! I am still way ahead of the game compared to previous years, so at least there’s that!

The weather hasn’t helped much, that’s for sure! It’s been hot and humid much of these past few weeks, and though the temperatures have cooled off a bit, the humidity just won’t let up. There have been a few decent days here and there, but of course those were the days I just couldn’t get my butt out there.

Hanging out at the theater with my hubby is much more fun than marathon training!

So onward and upward! I’m hoping to log some better mileage in the coming weeks. I’m still way ahead of any training I’ve done in previous years, and I’ve always managed to finish, so at least there’s that! With my son’s wedding coming up in less than six weeks, I’ll have plenty to fill my calendar, and as always, I’ll do the best I can.

I swear I got a few runs in!

How has your summer running weather been? Any fall races coming up? What fun distractions have been keeping you away from your running this summer?


  1. I’m so glad I’m not training for a fall marathon right now! I’ve had such a busy summer and sometimes I can barely squeeze in a 4 mile run! Great job getting those runs in.

  2. Well, my big distraction keeping me from running is my recovery from that surprise surgery at the end of June 😉 I’m able to walk, and walk I have done…a lot. I’m hoping to be ready for a 5-miler in mid-October…assuming my surgeon gives me the green light in September to resume running. Fingers crossed!!

  3. I think you’re doing great. It’s hard to stay right on a target schedule. We do what we can with what we have, right? 🙂

  4. My bike has kept me away from running! I’m sure wedding things will keep you busy in the weeks ahead. You do what you can!

  5. I kinda feel the same way about my training. Time to get a little more focused and get my proper training runs in.

  6. You logged a lot of miles so you definitely earned that casino time 🙂

  7. I do love that it has cooled down recently. Now if I could just get past this dang injury and actually run!

  8. You’re still doing great. I need to start increasing the distance of my midweek runs, but I keep finding excuses not to do so LOL.

    I have a race this weekend, and then a few 5Ks, until October and November when things start to ramp up.

    1. Author

      I think I just need to sign up for multiple races of different distances throughout my training cycle. That would keep me on track!

  9. Looks like you have it under control and are having lots of fun!

  10. I know you will get right back on with your training. We all have setbacks. My training is going pretty well, I am determined to fight the heat this summer.

  11. I didn’t plan any fall races and now I’m regretting it. I love Chicago! A little setback. No worries. You’ve got this!

    1. Author

      I think it’s those fall races that keep me running in the spring and summer. I’d me majorly slacking without a scheduled race.

  12. I’m traveling a lot this summer so I cannot manage to run so often. However, I usually ride a bike while exploring a new place and try to keep fit! How long do you usually prepare for a marathon?

    1. Author

      It’s so tough to get those workouts in while traveling! I usually prepare at least two months for my marathons. I’m dwindling fast this time around!

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