Another Batch of Lemonade

Alrighty, then. Given the fact that I didn’t train for the 2013 Chicago Marathon as I had intended, and given the fact that I was once again roped into doing another, I decided this year would be different. I downloaded a training plan, marked my calendar, and announced to the world (or at least to my family and friends) that I was signed up for the 2014 Chicago Marathon! And then…life. Yep, another batch of lemons. Major surgery with a 7-inch wide incision across my lower abdomen. Kind of puts a damper on the whole training thing, you know? So as of now, training is on hold. But hey, I have a full three months to go! That should be enough time, right?
You don't train

Have you ever had some type of physical or psychological limitation that prevented you from achieving your goals? What type of training have you done for a race, if you haven’t been able to run? Have you ever completed a race despite severe physical limitations?

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