Forget the Lemonade, We’re Making Margaritas

Roseanne Roseannadanna

Well, if it’s not one thing, it’s another, ya’ know? Another summer, another version of the best laid plans. I really (really!) did plan to train this year. But, as (good) luck would have it, my business was particularly busy this year. Generally, my busiest travel time is the spring and the fall, with little or no traveling throughout the summer. For some reason, I was crazy-busy all summer long, traveling two to three times per month, not to mention my regular job, my regular life, and getting my third son ready for his first year away at college. I literally have not even walked a mile in preparation for this year’s marathon. As we approached the one-month-to-go mark, I still had it in my procrastinating brain that I could do this. After all, I’ve made it through two others with minimal training, and lived to tell about it.

This past weekend, however, changed all that. My mother became very ill and currently is hospitalized after an unanticipated and emergency surgery. With the marathon now less than two weeks away, I decided to bail. I feel badly having to do so, especially because I was doing it as a fundraiser this year. But family first, now and always. I raised more than the required funds for the NICU Renovation Project, and the money I raised still will go to that cause. So this year I will cheer my son and my fellow fundraisers on from the sidelines. And who knows? As all of us die-hard Chicago Cubs fans like to say, “there’s always next year”.

Cubs Maybe Next Year

Was there ever a time you have given up on a goal? How did that make you feel? How did others respond ~~ did you get any ‘I told you sos’?

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