Holiday Gift Guide for Runners and Athletes

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Today is Saint Nicholas Day, and for me that generally serves as a reminder that it’s time to start Christmas shopping! While I do pick up a few special gifts here and there in the months leading up to Christmas, I generally don’t go into full shopping mode until mid-December. I find that’s when I get the best deals, and under pressure, I know I will get done!

If you are looking for just the right gift for the runner/athlete in your life, you have come to the right place! Maybe you are the runner/athlete who is looking for some ideas to give to your family and friends. Or maybe you’re just looking for ideas for gifting yourself! And I say why not? After all, you worked hard this year, didn’t you? You deserve it! Here are some of my top picks for this year. I am happy to be able to share a few discount codes for some of them with you!

If you are looking for a nice stocking stuffer, how about a book about running? One of my favorites is Running Past Fifty: Advice and Inspiration for Senior Runners. I hate to think of myself as a ‘senior’, but I guess I fall into that category. I didn’t start running until I was in my 50s, with my first race ever being the 2013 Chicago Marathon. I had no idea what I was doing. The day before the race I met my friend Tom (‘Pacer Tom’, as he is known), and he assured me he would get me through the full 26.2. I believed him! He paced at 5:25 and brought me in at 5:24:58! The guy knows what he’s doing, and if it weren’t for him, I might never have run a race again! Tom just finished his 470th marathon, and is just 12 states away from finishing a marathon in all 50 states for the fifth time! You will find inspirational stories of runners like Tom in the book, with lots of anecdotes and inspiration and advice from some of the true experts in the field.

And speaking of stocking stuffers, how about a fun  pair of socks? You know I love my Balegas (check out this fun pair), but I am also loving the Swiftwick brand lately. Check out their fun winter holiday patterns on their website, available for both men and women. There are so many fun patterns out there, why not buy a pair or two for yourself? After all, you can never have enough socks (says the person with three drawers full of socks)!

SPIbeams LED Hat  As soon as we moved the clocks back this year, my early morning runs became pitch-dark runs.  I even skipped a few of them because I did not feel safe running in the dark. I received a SPIbeams LED Hat as part of being a SPIBelt Ambassador and boom! Problem solved! The LED lights in the front of the hat nicely light up the path in front of you, and there are two red lights on the back of the hat that can either flash or stay illuminated so motorists or other walkers/runners can see you from behind. They come in black, neon yellow, or my favorite (pictured here), pink. The hat breathes nicely and the batteries are replaceable, though I have not needed to change mine after months of use. There is an easy on/off switch, so you can wear this hat day or night. There are also LED Visors in the same color options if that’s your jam. Use code SPIAMBASSADOR for 15% off of your purchase!

And while we’re on the topic of SPIBelts, though I previously included them in my Holiday Gift Guide last year (click here to see the full post – these items remain among my list of favorites!), at the risk of being redundant, I will include them again this year. They make an awesome gift for runners and non-runners alike! They can be used not just during physical exercise, but also during travel, while shopping, or any time you want to carry small personal items (the SPI in SPIBelt!) and want to remain hands-free. They even make belts for carrying small medical devices such as insulin pumps or epi pens. Again, use code SPIAMBASSADOR for 15% off of your purchase!

And hot off the presses, check out the 2018 SPIBelt Holiday Gift Guide! They’ve made shopping as easy as 1-2-3!

And by the way, if you love SPIBelt products as much as I do (and why wouldn’t you?), head on over to their Facebook page using this link to learn about the program and how to apply. You will meet an amazing group of people and will have lots of fun along the way! Applications are due December 21, 2018, so don’t delay!

My kids have been using Jaybird Wireless Headphones for years, and when I finally got my own pair, I quickly realized why they love them so much. The TARAH, TARAH PRO, and X4 are wireless in that they connect via Bluetooth to your phone, and the the RUNs are truly wireless, with no wires whatsoever! The RUNs are sweat proof and water resistant, while the other three models are both sweat and water proof. The Jaybird App allows you to customize your sound, save it to your buds, and share your preset sound with friends. The App can integrate with Spotify to allow for sharing playlists with other people. Prices range from $99.99 to $179.99. Being the highest-priced option, I thought my kids would want the RUNs. As it turns out, they like the other three options better, because they like to occasionally take the buds out while they are working out in a gym and just hang them around their necks while they are moving between equipment. I had the opportunity to try the TARAH, and I absolutely love them for both their comfort and their sound.

Did you read my review of the ActivMotion Bar? Well why the heck not?! That’s okay, I forgive you (this time). You can read my full review using this link. Here’s the CliffsNotes version:  The ActivMotion Bar is a tool that allows the user to train using dynamic variable resistance. Generally when we train using weights, the resistance is fixed, meaning that it doesn’t change. The ActivMotion Bar employees variable (changing) resistance through its rolling steel weights within the bar itself. The ActivMotion Bar is filled with steel balls that roll back and forth within the bar when it is moved or tilted. These moves engage the core and really force you to concentrate on balance and stability. I’ve been using the ActivMotion Bar for about a month now, and it has changed the way I approach my core strength training. Through January 7, 2019 you can get 25% off of your purchase using code fitappraoch25. And right now the over-stocked 10-pound bar is on sale for $89.99 (regularly $139.99), so after the 25% discount, you can get it for almost half price! Here is the specific link to that option.

Silly rabbit! Did you think I would post a gift guide for runners without my favorite running gear? I am obsessed with rabbit, and I think you will be, too! Crafted in California by runners, for runners, rabbit is my absolute favorite when it comes to outfitting my runs. Check out their products using this link to save 10% off of your first purchase!

Finally, if all of your workouts have your muscles feeling tight and sore, I would HIGHLY recommend the MyoBuddy Massager! It comes in two versions:  Either the MyoBuddy Massager Pro, or the MyoBuddy Massager Pro Plus. These products are admittedly not inexpensive, though the MyoBuddy Massager Pro is currently on sale for $329.99; regularly priced $399.99. The MyoBuddyMassager Pro Plus sells for $399.99. In either case, this is an amazing product that is well worth the cost. Use code ACCIDENTAL and receive $100.00 off of your purchase!

Think about how much is spent on a professional massage every week, every other week, or even once a month. Over time the MyoBuddy Massager pays for itself. These massagers provide professional-grade deep tissue, warming, trigger point, and vibrational massage, which can give instant relief to muscle soreness and myofascial pain.

But wait! There’s more! If you’re still at a loss as to what to buy for the runner in your life, how about a race entry? I know I would appreciate this awesome gift (hint, hint)! It’s a nice way to support your runner’s obsession with love of running. Don’t know where to start? Why not check out The BibRave 100, listing the 100 best races in America? Voted for by runners, you are sure to find a race entry your gift recipient will love. Or just search the BibRave website where you can search thousands of races and read reviews written by runners, for runners.

I hope some of these items will help you as you weed through the commercials, catalogs, and online ads trying to find the perfect gift for the runner or fitness enthusiast in your life. What other gift ideas do you have? I’d love to hear from you! Happy shopping!



  1. I chafe at that word “senior” too. It was all fun and games to be a senior in high school and college but now? Not so much. Great gift ideas.

  2. I guess I need that book. And the visor and of course, those headphones.

    Great ideas.

    1. Author

      I think the first time I ran in a hat was for the rainy Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll Half this year. Ever since then, I love running in them!

    1. Author

      I am cleaning my closet as we speak…taking a short break as it’s getting a bit overwhelming. Should I admit I’ve counted up to 11 SPIBelts at this point???

  3. I don’t know if I could buy the book–I mean who’s a senior? Couldn’t she be a little more sensitive? :p

    Nice list!

  4. That book sounds great! Yikes I am almost a senior runner?!? How did that happen 🙂 I love my massager from last year and have to remember to use it more often

    1. Author

      It’s an interesting read – some of those profiled are ‘famous’ runners, while others are less known. They are all heroes in my eye!

  5. That hat looks GOOD and do you think I ought to buy that seniors book to keep me going as I’m 46?? I’ve looked younger than I am forever so I tend to think I’m still in my 30s, till I start running after stopping for something and make a “middle-aged noise” …

  6. These gift guides make me want to add more things to my own list! 😉
    These are great ideas! I want to give an ActivMotion bar to all my friends!

    1. Author

      Thanks, Esther! I love finding new gift ideas. I have a few friends asking about the ActivMotion Bar. It seems like a popular one this year!

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