Trek 7.4 FX WSD Womens Hybrid

Growing up I never had a new bike. As the 4th of 5 children, I got what I got. So when it came time to buy myself a bike, I did a lot of research before making a purchase. Much of my research included feedback and advice from my eldest son, who is an avid cyclist. He was fortunate to ride in the Little 500 Bike Race at Indiana University during his sophomore and senior years and knows a thin2012 Jerseyg or two about bikes (not a bad framing job, if I do say so myself).2014 Jersey

The bike I chose was the Trek 7.4 FX WSD Womens Hybrid. I love everything about it, including, of course, it’s awesome teal color! At only 5′ 3″, the bike is a good size for me. The price included the “Gold Star Service” plan, which means free tune-ups for the next 10 years. I don’t ride very often, but I was able to justify  the cost, considering that with the amount of use it will get, it should last me a good number of years.
Trek Bike

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