Chicago and Marine Corps Marathon Training Recap, Weeks 15 & 16

Well, this will be a short post as there isn’t much to share! I already posted my recap of the Chicago Marathon last week, but since I will be running the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday, I am including my final week of training for Chicago along with the miles logged for the actual marathon because in true me form, that was (and probably will be) my last run before the MCM!

Final long run before Chicago

Sunday, 10/1:  12.1 mile run

I just can’t get enough of this medal!!!

Monday, 10/2:  6.1 mile run

Tuesday, 10/3: 12 hour work day

Wednesday, 10/4:  5.1 mile run

Thursday, 10/5:  12 hour work day

Friday, 10/6:  Rest day!

Saturday, 10/7:  2.1 mile shakeout run

Sunday, 10/8:  26.2 miles for the 40th Anniversary Chicago Marathon!


Coincidentally, I was able to coordinate a business trip with the MCM. I arrived in Washington, DC early yesterday morning with the intent of finding somewhere to run, but having woken up at O’dark thirty to catch my ridiculously early morning flight, by the time I checked in to my hotel I was wiped, and I opted for a nap instead! Thank you Marriott for the free upgrade to an Executive King Suite! I am currently in DC proper, but will check out of this hotel on Friday morning and will be working until late that afternoon. My eldest son is flying in on Friday morning and we will meet up at our race hotel in Arlington, VA later in the day, then head over to the expo at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center.

On Saturday morning we will (maybe) do a short shakeout run. I’m thinking I should do something for the first time in two weeks to prepare for this race! If you know me, you know I wing it on these marathons! As always, as long as I finish I am as happy as a clam! We will spend the day on Saturday exploring some of the DC sites, and then off to dinner for the requisite pasta load!

So stay tuned for the recap of what I anticipate will be an amazing race! I’ve only heard good things about the MCM, and I can’t wait to experience it myself!

Are you running any races this weekend? Who all will be doing the MCM? I will keep an eye out for some familiar faces. You know you’ll find me at the back of the pack!


  1. Your “shake out” run is probably farther than I’ve run in five years if you combined all the running I’ve done. Lol. Sounds like a great week!

  2. You are right on schedule with everything. Good luck at the race and enjoy your time out east.

  3. I hope that you have an awesome race this Sunday! I’ll be cheering for you virtually!

    1. Author

      Thanks! Chicago was my first (and is my home city), so that, too will always hold a special place in my heart. I’m so looking forward to MCM!

  4. Congrats on a Chicago and good luck at MCM!!!!!

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