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Happy Friday! It’s cool and rainy here in the Chicago area this morning. Why not pull up a chair so we can catch up over a nice warm cup o’ Joe?

If we were having coffee, I would tell you to take a few steps back and chat with me from across the room. I’ve been sick since Monday, and as of this morning, I feel like I might hack up a lung. Sorry for the visual. The Chicago Marathon is in just two days. This seriously is no bueno. I have never DNSd a race, and at this point, I don’t plan to. I will wait until race day to decide. For now I’m taking all the home remedies I can think of, and I am hydrating, hydrating, hydrating.

Image result for germs on an airplaneOver coffee I would tell you that I’m soooo tired of traveling! Don’t get me wrong; our trip to Europe was amazing. But I don’t doubt the international travel, dealing with the time change, and being trapped in an airplane with stale air for our 10 hour flight home had everything to do with my getting sick. I even swabbed all the surfaces around me with disinfectant wipes, but to no avail. After this weekend I have three more business trips to to round out the year, and I will be so happy for the much needed break after that.

Image result for bibrave pro

If we were having coffee    I would tell you that despite the weather predictions and despite my having contracted the plague, I am super excited for marathon weekend. My eldest son is hoping for a BQ, but with the new cutoff times it’s going to be close. Still, he will have an amazing race and hopefully will come in with a strong PR. My middle son’s girlfriend will be running her first marathon, so I am especially excited for her. And as a BibRave Pro, I have some great opportunities to connect with other runners before and after the race.

Over coffee I would tell you I did not get a lottery spot for the Tokyo Marathon. Surprise, surprise. I also would tell you I will never run a Boston qualifying time. Again I say, surprise, surprise. Last week I applied for a charity bib for Boston 2019. Obtaining one of those spots also is quite competitive, so we will see. But I applied for an organization whose mission is near and dear to my heart and much aligned with my life’s work. So even if I don’t get awarded a spot, I definitely will be donating funds to those who did.

And last, if we were having coffee, I would tell you I’m sad my beloved Cubbies have been eliminated from postseason play. But as we have become so accustomed to saying here in ChiTown…there’s always next year!

What would you share with me over coffee? What magical home remedies do you use to ward off colds and the flu? Who all is running or spectating at Chicago this year?

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  1. You are making me nervous about my trip to France (tomorrow) and getting sick.

    If I do, I hope it’s from the flight home. I do have a race to run while I’m there.

    I do hope you feel better soon and your marathon is a successful one.

    I will never BQ or maybe never run a full. Good luck getting your charity bib.

    1. Author

      I’ve been watching your posts on IG and it looks like you are having a fabulous time! I hope you come home rested and restored (and healthy)!

  2. Ooh congrats on Tokyo that will be amazing! I really hope you are feeling better this weekend. I like Emergen C for a little extra vitamins if I am feeling off. Thanks for linking up for coffee!

    1. Author

      OK you had me re-reading my post to make sure I wrote the correct thing – I did NOT get in to Tokyo! Like the Cubbies, maybe next year!

  3. Oh, no! I hope you are feeling better soon! What an awful way to go into marathon weekend 🙁

    I am a firm believer in pounding Vitamin C, drinking apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp mixed into water or OJ a day) and using a saline irrigator. Some people go with the netipot, but I like the Sinugator. It keeps the sinuses moist and flushes out the germs that collect. It won’t cure what ails you but it does reduce the symptoms and the recovery time.

  4. I’ll be boarding a plane next Thursday (to North Carolina for my marathon), and I just recently saw a clip on tv about how air travel is SO unclean. UGH. You mentioned the trapped air in the planes, but also the bins you have to put your stuff in as you go through security…and all the other surfaces in an airport. Again, UGH.

    1. Author

      UGH. I didn’t even think about how gross the bins are! Just one more thing to think about! I hope you rocked your marathon today. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  5. So sorry to hear about your illness. I got sick after returning from Europe a few weeks ago too. Luckily, I have a few weeks to recover before my marathon (MCM). I think you are right – the stale air on an airplane is conducive to spreading illness. Hope your marathon is a go!

  6. I am a little paranoid about Airplane air and I dont think its coincidence that I get extremely sick after flying. Trapped ina petri dish. I hope yoi feel better soon.

    1. Author

      I hate to even think of how bad the bacterial load is on airplanes. The stale air is bad enough, but people are just gross! There is no way the airlines can clean, let alone disinfect the planes with such quick turn-around times between flights.

  7. I think the general stress of travel wears you down. I hope you can rest up and get better! I also hope the weather clears up and stays cool!

  8. Sounds like it’s going to be a very exciting race weekend for you all. Good luck to your son with the BQ!

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Author

      Thanks, Michelle! I actually starting swabbing down all the hard surfaces on planes with disinfectant wipes in the past year. They are just so gross!

  9. I really hope you feel better soon–I feel like I contracted the plague last weekend and it’s finally, finally starting to get better, haha. I hope you get a charity bib for the Boston Marathon!

    1. Author

      I am going on 2 weeks with the plague. I finally started a Z-Pack the other day and I am just marginally better. I just heard I am on the waiting list for the Boston charity I chose, so I am starting to look at London charities as well.

  10. Oh lady I hope you are feeling better! Elderberry syrup is my magic potion for colds and the flu!
    Bummer about Tokyo and the Cubs. Even though I live in Houston now, I am still a Cubbies fan!

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