July Runfessions, a Really Rainy Rock ‘n’ Roll Half, and a Slew of New Running Friends

It’s the last Friday of the month, and that means it’s time to open up the Runfessional! I’m linking up with Marcia from Marcia’s Healthy Slice for another Runfessions session!

I have to runfess, with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon a whopping five days ago, I feel bad that I haven’t posted my recap yet. Having run the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon the previous week, I barely got that recap posted just as the other bloggers were posting their recaps of RnR Chicago. I’ll post my recap sometime in the next week but let me just say it was an absolutely epic weekend and I’m so glad to have met so many of my virtual running friends in person!

Leading up to RnR Chicago, I was on constant weather watch and was not too happy to see that scattered storms were predicted for race day. Did I mention I’ve never run in the rain? Well, scattered my arse. The skies opened up just a few minutes after the race officially started, and it pretty much poured the entire time. I must runfess, I kinda liked it!

runfess (cue the broken record), as much as I have talked whined about my weight gain over the past six or so months, I haven’t seen the scale budge one bit. I’ve been running and working out more consistently and have been pretty good about my diet, so I’m getting just a bit frustrated with the whole thing. Could it be that menopause is winning the war? I really thought I was past all that.

I must runfess, when my neighbor’s wife suggested he and I run together, I was more than a little intimidated. I’ve never run with anyone, and I am S-L-O-W. We ran together twice this week and it was so much fun! I’m needing to walk a little and he is very patient with me. Now if I can just learn to run and talk at the same time…

Last, I runfess that with August looming in the horizon, I’m feeling a little melancholy. My youngest son will be heading off to his senior year in college in just a few short weeks. Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday I was putting him on the bus for kindergarten. It’s not just a cliché, folks. It really does go by in the blink of an eye.



How has your month been? Do you have anything good to runfess? Who’s all sending their kids off to college for the first time this year?

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  1. Oh my goodness. I’m not ready for summer to be over. I feel like there are so many things we still want to do for fun! My kids are just starting their school years but I’m already not sure how my oldest is in 2nd grade and not kindergarten.

    1. Author

      It’s amazing how fast time goes. I guess with kids, it seems to go by even faster. Treasure these moments–even when they get hectic. They truly are fleeting.

  2. Hooray for a new running buddy! Especially one that lives so close to you, lol.

    You totally rocked RnR Chicago in the rain!

  3. I’m not ready for summer to be over yet either. Thankfully I have a while yet before our school starts back.

    Is that a real pic (opposed to stock photo) of your son? If so, that is really cool that you’ve captured that memory. We never did the first day/last day of school pics in my family. But I guess thanks to Pinterest there is a lot of things that parents do now that weren’t done “back in the day”…haha

    1. Author

      Yes, that is my youngest son. I have better, clearer pics but of course was looking for them at the last minute. I actually cropped two of his friends getting off the bus with him off of the bottom of the pic. The pic was taken back in 2001!

  4. Your first wet race. Fun, right?

    Envious that you got to meet all those bloggers.

    I know how you feel.It is hard to run with someone else esp when they run faster or don’t walk.Glad your new friend is patient.I bet he helps you get stronger.

  5. That sweet bus pic hits me right in the gut. The years just slip away, and so do our kids.
    Scattered showers? Yeah I was gonna say…
    But the humidity would have sucked the life out of us without the rain. Epic race weekend fo sho!

    1. Author

      I know this is such a bittersweet time for you! It’s amazing how fast the years go by. I have to think the rain was much better than having the heat and humidity we’ve been experiencing!

  6. It does go by in a blink – I really need the clock to slow down just a little bit!

    It’s great that you’ve got a new running buddy! I mostly run alone so I’m with you on the no talking while running – it’s a skill I have not mastered!

  7. Summer is my favorite season, and it makes me sad to see the days already getting shorter…..why is summer such a short season?????

  8. Ayyy! The whole sending my baby off to college thing is becoming real. Thanks for the email–I’ll probably be sending care packages on a weekly basis.

    I am so glad we finally met! Now let’s make it a recurrent thing! Altho you are way busier than me…

    1. Author

      The good thing is, he will be close to home. I don’t know how people send their kids clear across the country. We had a little bit of a soft rule that they couldn’t go more than a 4 hour drive away. I was much better about the care packages early on. I’m sure it’s the same for you and Wisconsin. As long as I made the 6:00 p.m. FedEx pick-up time, my fresh baked goods arrived at IU the next morning – even staying warm if I wrapped them right! I definitely want to get together for lunch or whatever works. I will be traveling like crazy through the end of the year, but hopefully we can find some dates that will work!

  9. It sounds like Chicago was so much fun, but its too bad that it rained! I’m always intimated to run with other people too

    1. Author

      Except for the rain, it was an absolute amazing experience! I’ve been eyeing a local running group for almost a year, but have been hesitant to join. Now that I’ve run with someone, I think I will be much less intimidated by it!

  10. I really can’t cope when people say they’ve never run in the rain – I think this summer is the longest I’ve ever gone without doing so. That’s living in the UK for you!!

    1. Author

      I’ll tell you, now that I’ve run in the rain, I no longer worry about it. It really felt good (for the most part). I’m sure if it was cold and windy I would feel differently. For now, I’m not complaining and am just happy to have finished the race!

  11. hahaha, that picture is so cute! Running in pouring rain definitely doesn’t sound like fun to me, but I’m glad you liked it!

  12. This month has FLOWN by!
    I have to runfess that I have not run at all this month. My knee injury is still bothering me and that is really been frustrating.
    Sorry you have still been struggling with weight issues. I def understand that and I hope you get some relief in that area soon!
    Can’t wait to read your recap on Chicago!

    1. Author

      That’s a bummer about your knee. A month off is a long time, but of course taking time to heal properly will more than pay off in the long run!

  13. Oh gosh I hear you on the frustration with the scale. I feel like I’ve been doing everything right but it just will not budge! It’s so frustrating, but I also try to remind myself that it’s just a number and how I feel is more important.

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