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Happy Tuesday and welcome to another installment of Tuesday Topics! Special thanks to Kim and Zenaida for keeping the Tuesday linkup alive in it’s new format! If you’d like to join along, just follow this link for the linkup rules and a list of upcoming topics. Today’s topic is What’s on Your Running Wish List? So let’s start, shall we?



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First on my list would be a new treadmill (hey, go big or go home, right?)  Winter in Chicago this year has made me appreciate mine more than ever, but it’s 19 years old and I know its days are numbered. And while I don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, technology sure has changed in the past two decades!





The second thing I would wish for would be a Peloton bike (still going big here!)  I like to bike in the summer and we do have a trainer for home use (though I’ve never used it), but I just get so much FOMO when I see people post their activities using their Pelotons!


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And while we’re on the subject of unrealistic wants, how about one paid entry to the race of my choice? Per month.



Okay, now for a few realistic wishes:

I would love a pair of the new Mizuno Wave Horizons. I’ve been running in Asics Gel Kayanos since I started running almost six years ago, and I think it would be nice to switch things up a little and see what other shoes have to offer.

I’d also like a pair of AfterShokz bone conduction head phones. I’ve read so much about them and with concerns for safety while running, I think they would be awesome. I love the headphones I have (Jaybirds), but I rarely run with them outdoors (they are, however, a lifesaver on long treadmill runs!)

A month’s worth of Balega socks! I have a few pairs, but it seems like I am always doing laundry to make sure I have a fresh pair on hand.

What do you have on your running wish list? Don’t forget to check out to Kim’s and Zenaida’s blogs, and visit some of the other linkers while you are there!

I will be running the London Marathon on April 28th, raising funds for Whizz-Kidz, an organization that provides wheelchairs and mobility devices for children and young adults. If you’d like to contribute to my fundraising efforts, you can do so by clicking on the link below. Any donation, big or small, will help and is greatly appreciated!

Click here or on the picture to get to my fundraising page!



  1. I am completely obsessed with my Peloton. Hope one comes your way sometime soon. The Aftershokz are great and I like being able to hear what is going on around me

    1. Author

      I would love to have one and we have the room for it. I wish they weren’t so pricey but I’m sure the prices will come down soon enough (hopefully!) I love the idea of the AfterShokz as most of my outdoor runs are solo.

  2. I totally second your entire list. Except for the Mizuno only because Mizuno is too much of a drop for me. But everything else YES! A thousand times yes.

    1. Author

      If only someone would just drop about $10,000 in my lap and tell me I could buy whatever I want, as long as it’s fitness/running related!

  3. I love your wish list – you have some great stuff on there! I’m also hoping that I can try out the Aftershokz headphones soon!

  4. Those are some good wishes! I think I’d settle for some running socks for… my wife! She’s always stealing mine!

  5. Yes, all the race entries, please and thank you 😉 My treadmill is just about as old as yours LOL Although it had a near-death experience almost two years ago, it seems to be holding strong…

    1. Author

      Knock wood, our treadmill is holding up pretty well, and it does get a good amount of use. We paid a ton of money for it but if you divide by 20 years, the price was well worth it.

  6. Trousers that are ankle length (impossible for short me!) and infinite pairs of Sacuony Guide 9 trainers for me …

    I’m getting very excited about supporting the London marathon. Do look out for orange and black shirts with Kings Heath lions on – anyone running in that kit will know me, and Bournville Harriers in teal are likely to, too!

    1. Author

      I’m short, too, so I hear you on the trousers! Lots of capris-length styles actually come down to my ankles! I will definitely be looking out for the Kings Heath lions!

  7. When I saw your headline, Running WIshlist, I immediately thought I want for nothing. But yeah my treadmill is ancient too. A new Woodway would be amazing. Yes to the Peloton as well! Haha! If I’m going big I think I’d also want first class airfare to Madagascar and Patagonia. I’d better be careful what I wish for.

  8. I’d like a new garmin/GPS watch. Mines pretty ancient now. It regularly freezes and takes ages to connect to satellites. Bit more saving to do yet though.

  9. I would looooooove a peleton. May just have to bite the bullet and get one. One race entry per month would be awesome too!

  10. I love that you put down one race entry per month! I like that one.

    So many people rave about AfterShokz. For some reason those do not catch my attention. I have the Apple Airpods and like those a lot!

  11. Can I ask for a properly working knee and hip? Then I could run again, and then a few racecations paid for and I would be a happy camper 🙂

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