November Runfessions

November is almost over. How can this be? Weren’t we just complaining about the brutal summer heat and humidity? I know I was! Well, it’s the last Friday of the month and I’m linking up with Marcia’s Healthy Slice for another Runfessions session! Let’s head on over to the Runfessional, shall we?

runfess that today’s Black Friday sales have me feeling kind of…meh. I’m seeing 10% off on many sites. Really? That’s barely a sale. I need at least 30% off to consider it a great deal. And of course if I can layer discount codes, all the better. Right now I’m sitting in my kitchen sipping hot coffee and considering my options. I love Rabbit running apparel and they are offering 30% off  site-wide for Black Friday. I see INKnBURN is doing the same. Now we’re talking.

I have to runfess, my recent Ragnar race knocked me on my butt. I’m not sure if it was the race itself, being awake for 36+ hours, the airline travel, or just a coincidence, but I woke up with a bad cold the day after the race and I still haven’t completely shaken it. I’m starting to think I’m getting too old for this stuff…

I must runfess, the more marathons I’ve done, the more I think I like half marathons.  Marathons are just so freaking long, and I’m not so fast, so they take forever! So far I have completed six full marathons (five Chicago and one Marine Corps) and nine halfs. I already have several races on my calendar for next year, including the Chicago Marathon. Now that I have Legacy Runner status I will probably sign up for it each year I am able (it’s convenient, since I live here), and maybe fill up the rest of the race calendar with halfs.

I still can’t decide…

That being said, I have to runfess that one of my many (and lofty) goals is to run all the Marathon Majors. I’m not fast and I’m not getting any younger, so I will probably never qualify for Boston, but a girl can dream, right? Thank goodness for charity spots. I don’t have any immediate plans to enter, but hopefully some day I will get a charity spot. And I did throw my name into the lottery for Berlin. You know, because I’m starting to think I don’t love marathons…

Last, I runfess that I’m super excited about our family trip to Las Vegas next month to celebrate our youngest son’s 21st birthday. We may have been pre-gaming at the local casino these past couple of weeks…

Viva Las Vegas!


I’m also linking up with Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy for the Friday Five.

How has your month been? Do you have anything good to runfess? Have you found any good Black Friday deals? How about your favorite Las Vegas tips? Share the love!


    1. Author

      I love love love the sense of accomplishment! But they are So. Freaking. Long!!! I do hope to get into Berlin, though…I’m not getting any younger!

  1. Berlin’s a great one, I can vouch for that! But yeah, marathons are kind of stupid…until you cross the finish line, then they’re awesome!

    1. Author

      Your Berlin trip was such a crazy adventure! That’s exactly how I feel about the marathons…they ARE stupid, aren’t they? But they come with such a sense of accomplishment!

  2. Ragnar sounded like so much fun but I can see how you’d be exhausted!

    Love that you threw your hat in the ring for Berlin! Hope the lottery gods are kind to you 🙂

    1. Author

      Ragnar was a blast but I’m leaning more and more towards one and done the more I talk about it! Berlin would be awesome. I think I will find out some time next week. Fingers crossed!

    1. Author

      Well of course you have a much (much!) better chance than me! I think you have it in you. You just need the stars aligned perfectly in your favor. Right now I have the qual time of an 85 year old woman. If I can just maintain that pace…

  3. I see your point about the races and I would feel the same way! I give you credit for your perseverance to complete these races which can be difficult. I am more of a Cyber Monday kind of girl so hopefully some good sales will be had soon. Vegas will be here before you know it. I love the buffets and shows and that is not a mistake that buffets were mentioned before the shows! Happy celebrations to all!

    1. Author

      I am hoping for some good cyber deals on Monday, too. As you know, the kids want less and less but what they do want tends to be electronic and expensive!

  4. If I ever do another marathon, it will be New York, just because I’m from that area and that might excite me a little. Other than that, 1/2 marathon and under, thanks.

    Take care of yourself and rest up! I’m not much of a Black Friday shopper (or any kind of shopper, really), so the sales didn’t grab me much. The one thing I needed to get didn’t go on sale, so I was out of luck.

    Have fun in Vegas!

    1. Author

      Thanks! It will be so nice to take a fun, relaxing trip. No stress, but I’m sure because it’s Vegas I’ll still come home exhausted!

  5. Between the travel and running the Ragnar race, no wonder you were tired!

    I agree about the Black Friday deals – I got a handful of things but not a lot. The deals just weren’t that great!

  6. I’m with you on Black Friday deals. I think 25% might entice me, but not 20%. Especially since there’s nothing I really ^need^. The 36 hours of Ragnar is rough. Travelling for Ragnar would be even rougher!

    1. Author

      I need some really deep discounts to be excited about these sales. So far this year it’s been unimpressive. Yes, all the travel on top of the race itself just made it that much more exhausting.

  7. Haha! Love the first meme, that is soooo me! Yikes, Christmas is right around the corner!!

  8. Seriously, HOW is November almost over?! I can imagine Ragnar would knock anyone on their butt, lol.

  9. Not sure how this works mathematically, but marathons definitely feel about 4x longer than half marathons.

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