October Runfessions

It’s the last Friday of the month and I’m linking up with Marcia’s Healthy Slice for another Runfessions session! It’s been a long month, but I still can’t believe it’s almost over! Let’s head on over to the runfessional and see what I’ve been up to this month, shall we?

2017 Chicago Marathon

runfess that with two marathons scheduled two weeks apart in October, I did not train half as hard as I should have over the summer. Of course that’s no surprise to anyone who has followed my progress and even less of a surprise to everyone who knows what a procrastinator I can be. Still, I survived them both and had some fun along the way.

2017 Marine Corps Marathon

I must runfess, there was method to my madness. My very first race was the 2013 Chicago Marathon. I had never run in my life, did some distance walking as my pseudo-training, and somehow ran the entire thing (albeit slowly) with the help of the most amazing pacer ever. At the time he was running his 259th marathon. He has now run over 400. While we were chatting before the race, he told me he was a Marathon Maniac. I thought that was just what he called himself. As it turns out, it’s a thing! A thing with a branch-off called Half Fanatics. I found out what it took to qualify and made it my goal. I qualified as a Half Fanatic by doing back-to-back half marathons in 2016. Running The Chicago Marathon and The Marine Corps Marathon just two weeks apart gave me entry into the Marathon Maniac Asylum. Introducing Marathon Maniac #14,100. Nice to make your acquaintance!

I runfess that I have been working a ton and between that and these races, I have papers piled up to my ceiling. I may have missed a few deadlines and been a little late on a couple of bills. Oops.

I wanna go to Miami!!!

I have to runfess that with the marathons over, I am having some serious FOMO for all the fall races coming up. I want to run the Chicago Hot Chocolate 15K this weekend, but it is virtually impossible for me to make it. I want to do the RnR series! I want to sign up for all the races! I wanna go to Miami !!!  Oh wait a minute, I am! I’ll be running the South Beach Ragnar next month, a 200-mile relay race starting in Melbourne Beach, Florida and ending in Miami. I’m literally twice as old as everyone else on my team, so we’ll see how that goes!

Last, I runfess that with my birthday coming up on Halloween Day next week, I feel the need to schedule some serious pampering. I am in desperate need of a pedicure after the two marathons (but with all toenails intact, thank you very much), so I will be spending much time next week rewarding myself for a very busy month. My youngest son is my birthday buddy and will be turning 21. We just booked a December trip to Vegas to celebrate with him and his brothers and hopefully my daughter-in-law Holly. We are very much looking forward to another fun family trip!

My Halloween baby is turning 21!


I’m also linking up with Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy for the Friday Five.

How has your month been? Do you have anything good to runfess? Any fall races or fun trips coming up for you?


  1. I runfess that I desperately need a massage! How the heck did you do two back to back marathons. There’s no way…

  2. The South Beach Ragnar sounds amazing and a perfect time to get away from our Chicago dipping temps, brrrr. You have had a great run thus far this year, no pun intended. Best of luck on all upcoming races.

  3. What a fun day for a birthday! Ragnar South Beach is going to be fantastic!

  4. Well, I’m just rallying back from surgery recovery, so my fall roster is not too glamorous…but R’n’R Vegas is on tap in two weeks 😉

  5. Sounds like you have a lot of fun races coming up, and of course that birthday trip. Way to enjoy life!

  6. It’s so cool that you share a birthday with your son! I hope you both have great days next Tuesday 🙂

    Congrats on becoming a marathon maniac! I am a half fanatic but don’t know if I could ever get to marathon maniac status, lol

    1. Author

      It is such a fun birthday and so much fun to share it with my son! You can do 2 marathons in 16 days or 3 in 90 days to qualify for Maniac. Just sayin’…

  7. You’ve more than earned that spa day. Enjoy it marathon maniac style! Happy Birthday!

  8. A Hallowe’en birthday? How fun must that be. I hope you have a howling great time! haha

  9. FOMO is such a serious thing that I don’t think non-runners truly understand. Once you have a great experience at a race, its hard to not want to keep returning to it.

  10. With missing out on my fall half, I have serious FOMO. Im still angry that I missed it but have to just get over I at some point.

  11. Ok now I get the name of your blog!!! Ragnar south beach will be so much fun. Our Napa Ragnar got cancelled this weekend bc of the fires.

    1. Author

      Haha it was definitely an accident winding up in this place! The Destination Races Wine Country Half in Healdsburg, CA was also cancelled this weekend because of the fires. What a sad and scary situation.

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