Running Through the Frozen Tundra


  1. I’ve yet to even start the Strava challenge – bad runner!!! It’s been stupid cold and bad weather here – like freeze your face off kinda cold!

  2. I give you major props for doing outdoor runs this week. I also signed up for the lululemon 40/80 challenge but none of my runs last week counted since they were all indoors. Hoping to get in all my runs outside this week!

  3. Way to go! It’s fun how the cold temps can motivate you to pick up the pace! I hope things warm up for real for you soon.

  4. I thought about doing the Strava challenge…but, then I realized that I needed to let the FOMO go. I finished the run streak, and my body needs an off-season, so that’s what happened. Good timing, too, because it was our coldest week yet last week. For once, fate worked in my favor 😉

  5. Isn’t it just crazy the things we will do for a free pair of shorts from Lulu!! I think I will only manage the 40K but I am proud of myself for getting out there

  6. I feel like I’m the only runner who has not joined that challenge. It’s been so friggin cold my motivation to get out there is MIA. Although this week feels like spring comparatively…

  7. So many people are doing that Lulu challenge! I’m trying to chase my PF away, so no running for me. Plus 15F? That’s COLD!

  8. If anyone is going to crush this challenge, it will be you! I’m going to send you a virtual wave on our way to 80!

  9. Ummm I am feeling alittle guilty about complaining about the cold here after reading this…..its been cold for Florida but not your cold.

  10. That is crazy!!!! I mean you do what you have to do, but I can’t even wrap my head around it! I didn’t run last week because we were in the mountains, but I am back at it, and hoping to score 40k in the same challenge.

  11. It can be hard to stay motivated in the cold weather, but it sounds like you are making great progress to your 80k goal!

  12. I grew up in Chicago and do not miss it one bit during the winter months! That pic of the car is crazy. I hope it warms up quick for you!

  13. Isn’t it funny that New Years Day fell on a Monday. A new year, a new month, AND the 1st all on the same day… Yet mother nature kept many of us “Type-A” people from being goal getters that day, haha.

  14. That’s just insanely cold! I’m sure the infamous Chicago wind makes a huge difference too. I did join the Strava challenge but not before realizing my long run on New Year’s Day wouldn’t count and there was no way to reschedule it. Thanks for linking!

    1. Author

      That’s a bummer about your long run! It did same odd that they are running the challenge starting on Tuesday, but maybe they thought many people would not be running on NY Day!

  15. oh my good lord!!!!! serious bada$$ery to be out in that cold! I do miss Chicago, but I do NOT miss these temps!! Way to get out there anyway!

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