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It’s official! Spring has finally sprung! The brutally-cold temperatures in Chicago this winter have kept most of my runs indoors, but with the milder temperatures FINALLY within view, it’s time to do a gear-check to make sure I’m ready for the spring running season. Here are some of my top picks for this year. I am happy to be able to share a few discount codes for some of them with you!


My SPIBelt with pepper spray and whistle attached.

You know I’m all about safety, and with Daylight Savings comes dark early-morning runs. I have historically run alone, which means I pack a few extra safety essentials in my SPIBelt for all of my runs. I’ve been running with SPIBelts as long as I’ve been running. They come in a wide variety of styles and are great for carrying cell phones, ID, keys, credit cards, cash, snacks, or whatever you like to carry on you runs. When running alone, I carry my phone, an ID, a house key, and a little bit of cash. Clipped to my belt are my pepper spray and a whistle, and looped through my thumb, I carry a kubaton.


Ready to rumble with my kubatons!

I know that seems like a bit of overkill, but after a bad scare, I’d rather be safe than sorry. You can purchase all of these items on Amazon by clicking on the links in the underlined text, and you can save 10% off of your SPIBelt purchase at https://spibelt.com/ using code TEAMSPI.

Image result for knuckle lights colors


Knuckle Lights are also great for those o’dark thirty runs! They are so lightweight, you barely know you are wearing them! They come in a few fun colors so if you’re into fashion, you can match them up with your favorite running outfits!


rabbit freedom. This IS my top, but I only WISH these were my arms!


Speaking of which, you know I love me some good rabbit gear! They just came out with their new spring line, so you know I will be hopping on over to do some shopping of my own! The freedom tank is my newest favorite. If you use this specific link, you can save 10% off of your first purchase!



And as you know, with spring comes rain. While I’m not a fan of running in the rain, it does sometimes happen (as in the RnR Chicago Half Marathon, where it rained the entire time). Since then I’ve been in search of the perfect jacket, and the Brooks Canopy Jacket fits the bill! Thin and lightweight, it keeps the wind and the rain out without causing overheating.

Brooks Canopy Jacket. You had me at thumb holes.


I’ve been saying forever that I don’t run with music, though I am trying to embrace the concept! I think it can help with my rhythm and my speed, and I sure can use help in both of those areas! I am a huge Jaybird Wireless Headphones fan and have been using them for years, my newest being the TARAH style. They fit perfectly and are both sweat and waterproof, which is a huge plus. Since most of my runs over the winter have been indoors on the treadmill, I have needed to do something to pass the time. I have recently discovered podcasts, and have been listening to them on all of my treadmill runs. My favorites include Running Rogue and The BibRave Podcast. I can easily get lost (not literally) in them, and the time just flies by! At $99.99 the TARAHs are affordable, and in honor of International Women’s Day, $5.00 of every headphone purchased on the Jaybird website in March goes to Girls Gotta Run Foundation.

Jaybird has styles to fit everyone’s needs and lifestyles!


My future’s so bright…



Now that the spring weather is here, the sun is finally shining and it’s time to pull out the shades. I will admit I am not good about wearing sunglasses in the winter, though the sun can be just as damaging, if not more, when it’s reflecting off of the snow. I am currently testing this polarized pair from Shady Rays and so far, so good! Watch for my full review in an upcoming post, but I can already give them a thumbs-up. Right now you can save 50% off of two or more pairs from the Shade Shop using code RAVE.




There are so many other running gear items I could include, but I wanted to add a few items that can help with recovery.


For a little over three months now I have been adding two tablespoons of Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate to my morning coffee. Benefits include better skin, hair, and nails, and at my age I’m trying to thwart the effects of aging on all of those things! It can also help with joint pain and decrease post-workout muscle soreness. With a strong history of arthritis in my family, I am looking to proactively avoid some of the pain and mobility issues that can eventually impact my quality of life. It’s hard to say if I notice a difference at this point, but since I’ve only had mild joint pain in my hips and knees so far, I am hoping to prevent rather than improve arthritis symptoms. If you’d like to try it, use code GLGRunDefinitely20 for 20% off!




I recently wrote about the Addaday Pro Massage Roller. I can’t say enough about this great tool! I use it pretty much daily, whether it is a workout day or a rest day. Since I’ve been running at least four days a week, it has really made a difference in keeping my muscles loose and pain free. You can read my full review here.





And don’t forget about your feet! When it comes to running, your feet take a beating more than any other part of your body! I recently had the opportunity to try a pair of Oofos OOahh Sport Slides and let me tell you, my feet have never felt better! Oofos shoes feature their revolutionary OOfoam™ technology that absorbs impact and reduces the stress on your feet and joints. They are great after a long run or even a busy day at work. I work 12-hour shifts and spend most of my time on my feet. Coming home and sliding into my Oofos immediately provides relief for my achy legs and feet! They come in tons of colors and styles for men and women (leave it up to me to choose black on black on black). Check them out for yourself at the Oofos website!


Myobuddy Massager Pro2 + Free Deep Fascia Massage Lotion New

Finally, if all of your workouts have your muscles feeling tight and sore, I would HIGHLY recommend the Myobuddy Massager! Think about how much money is spent on a professional massage every week, every other week, or even once a month. Over time the Myobuddy Massager pays for itself. These massagers provide professional-grade deep tissue, warming, trigger point, and vibrational massage, which can give instant relief to muscle soreness and myofascial pain. Right now you can get in on the pre-sale purchase of the Myobuddy Massager Pro 2+ and receive a free 8-ounce Deep Fascia – Deep Tissue Massage Lotion (retail value $29.99). To get the pre-sale price, use this specific link and use code ACCIDENTAL and receive $50.00 off of your purchase!


I hope some of these items will help you thrive in the spring running season! Has the spring weather finally arrived where you are? What are your go-to running essentials?

I will be running the London Marathon on April 28th, raising funds for Whizz-Kidz, an organization that provides wheelchairs and mobility devices for children and young adults. If you’d like to contribute to my fundraising efforts, you can do so by clicking on the link below. Any donation, big or small, will help and is greatly appreciated!

Click here or on the picture to get to my fundraising page!



  1. well a lot of your faves are my faves! I am going to check out the rabbit gear I have not tried any of theirs yet.

  2. It looks like you are all set! I’m still loving my GLG collagen.

    1. Author

      Do you take the GLG twice a day? I only recently noticed that on the can and have only been taking it once daily. I get a lot of protein in my diet so I’m leaving it at that for now.

  3. Oofos are amazing! Such great sandals for running feet!

    Spring is going to come and go in a few weeks (that’s just how it works in Florida), so we will be moving directly into shorts and tank tops, with no need for jackets or anything else.

    I love knuckle lights. They are so great for safety and visibility;.

  4. These items all sound great! I need to check out the collagen protein powder, sounds good…Yay for Spring Running!!!

  5. What a great list of fav running gear!
    I will have to save this for when I can run again! I do still use my SPIbelt for walks and the rare occasion I forget my mic belt for teaching!
    Love GLG! I use it all the time!
    Cheering you on for the London marathon!!

  6. A nice post with an interesting list. The pepper spray and the whistle is too funny (and useful).

  7. So many good spring goodies here. I have never heard of a kubaton. Love the Tarah pro earbuds from Jaybird.

  8. Great list.

    I love my knuckle lights.

    My fave glasses are Goodrs.

    I run with podcasts instead of music. Need to get some headphones.

    Otherwise I’m pretty low maintenance and try to save my money for races.

  9. Great idea to carry pepper spray and a whistle. I try to carry as little as possible but those are good for early morning runs.
    I’ve never heard of rabbit gear. The last thing I need is more running clothes but that tank looks comfy!

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