Spydergrip 2.0

For the past few weeks, I’ve been having fun exploring ways to use my new toy, the Spydergrip. Haven’t heard of it? You can get the scoop…at least from my perspective…right here! Full Disclosure:  I like my Spydergrip so well, I am a Brand Ambassador! Ambassador or not, I leave my honest and unbiased review below:

Running with my favorite new toy

I first learned about the Spydergrip when I saw someone wearing one on an Instagram post. I was immediately intrigued, because I was in the market for a new piece of running gear to carry my phone and other necessities (ID, car key, a little cash, etc.), and it was different than anything else I had previously used. Touted as device-universal and sweat resistant, I thought I’d give it a try. Up until this time I had been using one of two waist belts I own, but lately—especially with long runs, I’ve had a lot of problems with them riding up, and I found myself constantly needing to adjust them, which is quite annoying, especially during a race. I had already (as the website suggests) ‘ditched the armband’ years ago, as I had trouble with the several armbands I tried not working out for me for various reasons.

My Spydergrip arrived by regular mail within just a few days of placing my order. In fact, it came a day earlier than promised, so I could test it out the following day on a planned 30-mile bike ride. The adjustable Velcro straps do, as the website claims, help provide a universal fit. I was able to adjust it to fit my small frame nicely, and also tested it out on my husband, who is 6’ 2” and has a broad chest size. He was able to adjust the straps so it fit him just as well. The main part of the Spydergrip is black, and the straps come in gray or a few fun colors. I chose gray (tempting as the Pink Recluse was!) because I figured it would go with anything. Fashion first, you know! The straps themselves are made of reflective material because really, safety first, and fashion second, right?

The Spydergrip easily fits my iPhone 6 while still in its bulky protective case. With any of the armbands or waist belts I have used, I had to take the phone out of its case for a better fit. Score 1 for Spydergrip! How nice not to have to remove my phone from its case every time I go out for a run. I can just pop it in my Spydergrip and go. Within the main pouch there is a second, smaller pouch (about 2/3 the size of the main one), with its own Velcro seal. I love this feature compared to my waist belt, which only has one compartment. This way, when I take my phone out of the Spydergrip for that mandatory mid-run IG pic, I won’t risk losing any of the other items I am carrying. Score another point for Spydergrip! The main pouch itself has a very sturdy Velcro closure, keeping all my items secure.

The Spydergrip is lightweight and fits nicely across my back.
From the side, you can barely even notice it!

There are three holes at the top of the main pouch, which allow the user to thread his or her wired head phones between the pouch and the outside. I especially like this feature, as I can coil the excess wire inside of the pouch, leaving just enough exposed to comfortably bring the buds to my ears. This eliminates the problem of getting caught on the wire during the arm swing while running, which happens to me all too often with my phone in my waist belt or as it was previously dangling under my arm when I wore an armband. These three holes are lined with a rubbery type of material, which keeps the wire from slipping in and out. The entire pack is very lightweight and fits nicely against my back. I honestly don’t even feel it when I wear it.

With its slim design, I can easily layer over it in the colder months. That way, if I decide to take off my outer layer, I won’t have to take off and re-fit the Spydergrip itself.

At this point, there are only two downsides for me using the Spydergrip. For one, I do like to take my phone out and snap a few pics on my runs, especially during particularly scenic races. With the phone in a pouch on my back, it’s a bit of a hassle to take it out. Also, I keep a safety whistle and pepper spray on me whenever I run or bike alone, which is most of the time. I keep these items easily accessible by clipping them to the front of my waist belt. I will have to find a new way to carry them without having to hold them in my hands and obviously, I wouldn’t want them in a back pouch and out of reach.

Gardening fun!

Overall, I’d say I’m in love with my new ‘toy’. So much so in fact, I’ve used it for all sorts of activities; not just running. Seriously, any time I want to listen to music without having to carry my phone or deal with a loose, dangling wire, I can just slip my phone into my Spydergrip and away I go!

Great for biking!

Interested in trying one out? You can use my Promo Code ACCIDENTAL for $10 off of your order! Check it out and let me know how you like it!

My new favorite lawn-mowing accessory!


    1. Author

      I like that it’s versatile enough to use for essentially any activity where I want to listen to music. I even use it in my home gym!

  1. How cool! I have never heard of this product before but I love how you’re able to use it for all types of activities. I will definitely check it out!

  2. That looks interesting and practical! it probably doesn’t bounce (?) since it fits high on your back (with short straps).

  3. Until I saw you using this on your IG posts, I had never heard of it! I think it’s a great idea, except like you said, it’s could be awkward getting things out of the pouch on your back. I like having easy access, especially to my phone!

    Nice review!

  4. Sounds like the Spydergrip is a great way for you to carry all the important items while out on a run as well as other activities too! I recently got a hydration vest for trail running and I like that it has all sorts of pockets to store all my items.

  5. hmmm this looks interesting. I have never seen a carrier for sports thats on your back.

  6. Looks awesome, I have never seen one before. Great review of it, very helpful!!

  7. Looks like a neat product. I have an Orange Mud Hydraquiver which has a similar design for a water bottle holder but I’m contemplating using a waist belt during summer to be cooler.

  8. Looks great but I guess it rules out using a hydration pack. I’m pretty sick of wearing my phone on the armband thing.

    1. Author

      I’m looking into hydration packs now, too. The Spydergrip is light and thin enough that I think a hydration pack might fit nicely over it.

  9. Wow that was strange. I just wrote a really long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say superb blog!

  10. It doesn’t ever slide off your shoulders? Is that because of the neoprene material? …or is it the way it fits on the body? I’ve been trying to find an alternative to my Flipbelt. I tried a small backpack thingy, but it wouldn’t stay on unless I used a chest strap, which I hated. I really want to try the Spydergrip!

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