Weekly Wrap ~ July 1, 2018

Well hello there, and welcome to the Weekly Wrap! I haven’t done one of these in quite a while because, well, I haven’t had much to wrap lately! I’m linking up with Wendy over at Taking the Long way Home and Holly over at HoHo Runs for this week’s wrap-up. Be sure to check out their sites, along with the other linkers! You may just find some new blogs to love!

Like much of the country, we have been dealing with an incredible heat wave here in the Chicago area. But as I fessed up in the Runfessional on Friday, I’m nervous enough about running Berlin in the fall that I’m committed to keeping my butt moving, heat wave or not! I ran (ran/walked) Grandma’s Marathon  on June 16th and took the entire next week off of running. That led to this past week, and this is how it went down:

3.1 miles to start the week

Monday:  3.1 humid, humid miles!

Tuesday:  12-hour work day

A very humid 5.1 miles

Wednesday:  A very steamy 5.1 miles

Thursday:  Rest day

These 5.1 miles felt like I was running in a steam room

Friday:  Another very steamy 5.1 miles

Saturday:  12 hour work day

Sunday:  12 hour work day

And…that’s it! Short and sweet! I don’t typically work that many shifts in a week, but last week and this coming week I am working extra to help cover some vacations at my job. I really don’t mind and I can use the extra money (who can’t?) but it makes for a tough week of consistent training.

Anywho…I’m hoping to be more consistent with my runs as well as with my Weekly Wraps. These miles aren’t going to run themselves!

How was your week? Did you get all your runs in? Are you part of this miserable heat wave?


  1. That’s a lot of 12 hour days. Some days I put into close to that many hours, but do about 8 at the office and the rest at home.

  2. I am impressed that you have the energy to do the longer runs in the heat after working for 12 hours! Yes not a fan of the current weather situation 🙂

  3. Great job on your workouts this week especially in this awful heatwave!

    Question – Are you doing RnR Chicago later on this month? If so, I’d love to meet up since I’ll be in your city!

    1. Author

      Thanks! I have been eyeing that race…I am doing the Napa to Sonoma Half the Sunday before, and won’t be home from California until the 18th, which is just 4 days before. I would so love to meet you!

      1. A lot of bloggers are doing RnR Chicago and we’re planning on getting together sometime that Saturday. I don’t have all the details yet but it would be great if you could join us!

        1. Author

          OK yes–please keep me in the loop! We are going to the Cubs game on Saturday–it’s a noon start–but maybe if you guys are meeting up later I can tag along!

  4. No work and weather got in my way. I didn’t run Wed thurs fri and sun.

    It was 100 today and ran/walked 4 miles. Tough one.

    Hope our heat wave is over soon.

    1. Author

      It seems like my work days are ideal for running weather-wise, and then the days I’m off and can get a run in are miserably hot and humid!

  5. We are also experiencing the heat wave in central Iowa, but we’ve had some oddly cool mornings (like in the low 60’s). I do the bulk of my runs in the pre-dawn hours, so the heat has not been much of a factor for me ((yet)).

    1. Author

      You are braver than me. I run alone and after a bad experience, I won’t run in the dark alone. Plus, I need to leave for work by 6:00 a.m., so an early-morning run for me would start at 4:00 a.m. That would be too much before my 7:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. work shifts!

  6. I don’t know how you do those 12 hour shifts! In my younger years, I could do them but now? I’m good with my shorter days…

    I’m super impressed with your runs this week, heat wave and all!

  7. Oh, it’s been a heat wave for a few months now. We are struggling hard!

  8. The heat hasn’t hit my part of the world…yet… but I wasn’t able to stick to my training schedule due being in the mountains where it was a whole harder to run.
    I admire your determination to run through the heat to do well in Berlin. I would love to run in Berlin!

    1. Author

      Yeah, mountain running does not sound fun! If there’s even a 1% incline I’m complaining! I’ve heard nothing but good things about Berlin, so I’m really looking forward to it.

  9. This time of year is when I am glad I am not really a runner, you all amaze me running in this horrible heat!

  10. You did a great job getting out in this muck. I’m trying to be consistent – there’s been a lot of early morning shuffling LOL 🙂

  11. It’s really hot and humid here in NC this week. But that’s summer in the south. I find I need to get out there around sunrise, or take it indoors! I don’t do well in the heat but I do my best. Happy 4th!

    1. Author

      Happy 4th to you, too! I honestly don’t mind the heat to much, as long as it’s not too humid. It’s just been particularly brutal this past week.

  12. with work stress and/or more hours it’s hard to be consistent, for sure! but it still looks like you got some good, albeit steamy, miles in!

    just keep running, you’ll be fine in Berlin. It’s a fabulous flat course and you will be swept up in the atmosphere! I had to walk/run Berlin and have no issue with that.

    I had a good week, got all my runs in, plus an extra to boot! the Dutch are all complaining about the weather here (too hot) but I find it really pleasant (it’s in F around 87 or so!)! I don’t particularly like to run in the dark, though I’ve not had any bad experiences – just cautious – but I find summer running and the timing of the runs tricky anyway!

    1. Author

      Thanks! It’s good to know the run/walk strategy will work at Berlin. I think since it’s a foreign country the needed to get to the finish line using public transportation is what makes me nervous, but I’m sure I’ll do fine. You always amaze me with how much activity you can squeeze into a week!

    1. Author

      I guess I’m so used to the 12-hour shifts, it doesn’t bother me. When I was full time, I worked two 12-hours shifts and one 16-hour shift a week for my 40 hours, and my husband did two 12-hour shifts and two 8-hour shifts the other 4 days. That way one of us was always working, and one of us was with the kids, so we never needed daycare. After those 16s, the 12s seem like a breeze!

  13. Great job in the steam bath! I didn’t realize you are running Berlin. That’s awesome! I can’t imagine working 12 hour shifts and squeezing in your runs in between. I see Kim’s comment up there — I’ll be in Chicago for RnR. Love to meet you. Thanks for linking with us!

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