What Day is it Anyway?

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Well, it’s either the 34th of March or the 3rd of April. Since I’m not really sure which, I thought I’d roll March Runfessions and the April Coffee Date all into one. I’m linking up with Marcia for Runfessions, and with Deborah and Coco for the Ultimate Coffee Date. And while I’m at it, I’m also linking up with Meranda and Lacey for the Fridays with Fairytales and Fitness!

I’m no hoarder, but I always buy in bulk, so I have plenty of coffee, cream, and GLG collagen to get me through the foreseeable (and unforeseeable) future. Why not pull up a comfy chair and join me for a cup?

Over coffee, I would runfess that I haven’t felt like writing for a while. Back in January I started a post titled, ‘Tokyo Marathon and the Coronavirus: Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ This was when we first started hearing about COVID-19 and it was confined to China. There was no talk of the Tokyo Marathon being cancelled (where I would have earned my 5th Star) at the time, but I started getting questions from friends and family about whether or not I still planned to travel for the race. In particular, my brother made it clear I wasn’t going…no matter what I said. All moot at this point, of course. Pretty much the entire country is under a stay at home order.

Shit happens roll with it – Mommy's Design Farm
Had to, just had to

And not to belabor the point, but when we heard the race was cancelled for all but the elite runners, I runfess at the time, it felt like I was the only one on earth who wasn’t upset by it. So many people commented on my roll-with-the-flow attitude. What can I say? Grant me the serenity…

Dust Bunny Rushes To Save His Vacuumed Up Dust Bunny Friends In ...
Found these cuties under my fridge

Over coffee, I would runfess that even I was surprised by the realization that I really do put a lot of time into working on my business. I work part time at the hospital and then run the business from my home. With my business (like so many others’) having come to a crashing halt, after the first two or three weeks of post-crash mayhem, I now find myself logging onto my computer every morning and having nothing. to. do. Seriously. Have you noticed I’m suddenly more active on social media? Sadly, that won’t pay the bills. But at least it’s helping me keep my mind off of things (I’ve already completely cleaned and rearranged my pantry, refrigerator, storeroom, deep freezer, bathrooms, and cleaned about five pounds of dust from under the fridge).

I have to runfess, I haven’t really started binge-watching anything, nor have I jumped on to some one of the oddly popular shows right now. That’s right, I’m talking to you. I haven’t seen a second of it, nor do I plan to.


And last, pour yourself another cup and take some time to soak up these moments of forced isolation. These past couple of months have been a hard kick in the ass for all of us. I runfess, I can’t help but think being quarantined isn’t all that bad. I think most of us can use the time to reboot and take another look at our priorities. Stay healthy, friends. Stay safe, and for the love of God, stay home.

What would you runfess over coffee? Be sure to check out Marcia’s, Deborah’s, Coco’s, and Meranda and Lacey’s weekend posts, and check out some of the other linkers! You might just find a few new online running friends!

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On (or off) my 2020 Race Calendar:

January 9 – 12, 2020:  Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge, Orlando, FL

March 1, 2020:  Tokyo Marathon DEFERRED to 2021

March 15, 2020:  Amita Health St. Paddy’s Day Half Marathon, Bolingbrook, IL POSTPONED until September

May 2, 2020:  Cinco de Miler, Chicago, IL Gone VIRTUAL

May 23, 2020:  Soldier Field 10 Miler, Chicago, IL

June 21, 2010:  Wonder Woman 10K, Chicago, IL Gone VIRTUAL

July 12, 2020:  Across the Bay 12K, San Francisco, CA

September 12, 2020:  Run Mag Mile, Chicago, IL

October 4, 2020:  Bucktown 5K, Chicago, IL

October 11, 2020:  Chicago Marathon

The Ultimate Coffee Date



  1. I should clean my house. I think it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so if it does, that is what I will do.

    Stay safe, my friend!

  2. I feel guilty, but I seem to be on of very few who is not stressed or frantic. Granted, things aren’t as crazy in Iowa ((yet)) as elsewhere, but we never from day to day what the next day will bring. Thinking of you, Linda…thank you for all your dedicated service to others 😉

    1. Author

      Thank you, Kim. I appreciate it! Your solo morning runs are nothing new to you, so I can see where things seem pretty normal for you. Honestly, not much has changed for us personally either.

  3. I have been stressed but managing better this week. I also don’t know what time it is or what day it is most days.Adapting best I can. We will get through it. Thanks for joining and be well friend xoxo

  4. You are being way more productive than me! I have only cleaned out one closet, lol. Hopefully I’ll do more this weekend.

  5. I’m grateful that my work is still busy but feel like I am missing out on the chance to read, relax, clean …. well, maybe not clean. 😉 It’s likely work will slow down before the end of May. We’ll see if do anything productive with that free time or start watching the show I’m not watching either. 😉

  6. I’m still a little busy, but it’s a strange kind of business.

    I’m not doing too much around the house, either. i’m struggling to find motivation. This isn’t my typical state of being, so it’s new territory all the way around.

  7. I enjoyed the images on your post! Put a smile on my face. Been doing a lot of organizing and cleaning in my home too. However with kids, it’s a constant chore!

  8. The days have definitely been running together, but since I was on maternity leave I’ve been used to it! I was stir crazy but now I’m just trying to go with the flow. I’m definitely not interested in that Tiger King show either, if that’s what you were referring to!

  9. I have had such a hard time getting anything done! I thought I would be way more productive, but with my kids at home nonstop it has been tough!!!

  10. Its funny. The last few days I’ve been taking my time doing things more detailed. Versus rushed. This timeless era we are in at the moment can be freeing if you embrace it. Love this post.

  11. It was so good to “meet” you yesterday on the coffee hour. I totally hear you on the 34th of March.
    Cinco de Miler is a great name for a race – my similarly canceled one is I think just called Fiesta. Chicago is way more creative than NYC at times.
    So sorry you lost Tokyo

    1. Author

      It was nice to meet you as well! I’m really looking forward to doing the Cinco de Miler, even though it has to be virtual. Something is better than nothing! I have guaranteed entry to Tokyo for next year, so I will get my 5th star then!

  12. hahaha, at long last–an accurate horoscope! (I guess I’m not technically staying at home since I still have to go in to work, but…technically!) I’ve been trying to do more decluttering since I have more time to spend at home lately!

  13. I’m still incredulous that I finished the 6 stars last year, given all the sh!t that’s hit the fan since. Glad you and yours are staying safe and making the best of this twilight zone. I’m loving a less-structured morning but once the kids are hanging around, I don’t get much done.

  14. Interesting horoscope: I am sure that it’s real!
    Life is hard in this period and in Italy we must stay home because of the lockdown.
    Now my 2020 calendar has only “off”.

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