5 Ways to Sabotage Your Fitness Goals


  1. Oh my goodness, I’m so RIGHT THERE WITH YOU on this post!! I had a huge lofty plan of a sub 2 half marathon in March and have completely flopped on my training up to this point. Life has completely de-railed me and I’ve just not given training my best shot. I know there are so many more races in 2018 to get to, but I definitely had this one as my top hope. Here’s hoping the next few months will be a better start to 2018! 🙂

  2. Ha! I took the opposite approach by setting really low goals — it’s easier to meet low expectations.

  3. Oh yes. This thing called life likes to get in the way of my training. When that happens, I remind myself that being a professional athlete is not my job, so I don’t need to put so much pressure on myself. But sometimes I do need to make fitness a priority.

  4. I didn’t even set goals this year, so there’s that!

    But yeah, this winter is trying its best to kill my mojo.

  5. Cute post! I stopped going to Costo and BJ’s bc I just buy all kinds of stuff I don’t need. What derails me? Carbs 🙂

    1. Author

      We really have to stop going to Costco! It’s mostly just the two of us and my 88-year old mother, and she certainly isn’t eating that much!

  6. Oh that winter photo is so funny! I think our snow is over here and good weather is coming next week!

    I don’t make goals and even set reasonable expectations for spring races because you never know what the weather is going to be like leading up to that and the weather can definitely derail you!
    Thanks for linking up!

  7. Your post is both funny, but also very real. I think having a sense of humor about it (instead of going down the denial route or “woe is me” strategy), you’re accepting the reality of being human.

  8. That’s the best snowman I’ve ever seen. Hahaha! I’m SO OVER this winter. Sigh…

  9. 2018 is going pretty darn well so far. My miles are up and my cross training is on point. I’m so thrilled with all of it.

    It is tough to have a social life when training, but balance is important, too.

  10. I love that snow design, it is perfect! My job definitely gets in the way of my fitness goals.

  11. I LOVED living in Chicago, but HATED the winter! And I moved south 9 years ago-
    My sleep issues are what holds me back sometimes.

  12. Life always throws obstacles in our way and I enjoyed reading your summary of them, so very true. At the warehouse club I belong to I buy paper goods in bulk, clothes, vitamins, and some of the healthier foods, e.g., yogurt, pistachios and that famous rotissere chicken which keeps me in check. That being said I still splurge on some bulk items occasionally which are not under the healthiest of categories. I haven’t met my fitness goals thus far either but am ramping them up. I can blame the weather and a sprained foot but now those issues are resolved so I had a talk with myself, yes I am at that age where I talk out loud to myself and said enough excuses get back to your goals and just do them, get that fighting spirit back. Eating healthy, less sugary snacks and caffeine and the gym 3 days a week make the week go smoother. I have to watch my love for pizza, salty snacks, coffee and guacamole dip. All are okay with portion control but that is not always the case. They set me off on a day of grazing. Best of luck to you getting back on track and you are an inspiration with your fitness!

    1. Author

      There are just so many temptations out there, it’s easy to fall off the fitness train! My diet has been terrible lately, but AFTER lunch today (hah!) I will be hitting the reset button! See you in a few!

  13. It’s tough to stay on track when things keep getting in the way! The weather this year has been tough…and it sounds like Chicago’s been hit especially hard. I try to work out in the mornings so that work can’t get in the way. I would never get it done in the evening!

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