5 Things I’d Tell You Over Coffee…Febuary, 2018 Edition


  1. The wind is really howling out there over here today, too, and I’m very happy I can stay warm and cozy at home.

    My husband used to travel a lot for work. He doesn’t anymore. Luckily he still enjoys travel for fun! But we’re running out of miles . . .

  2. I would tell you I love the layout of this blog post ! I hear you about the travel. I am based in Botswana but this week I have been in Namibia for work. Have had a good time, but yeah would much rather have been home this week to be honest. Three trips in three weeks, now that is intense!

  3. Total agreement, winter can pack up and leave. We’ve had our white Christmas…it’s time to move on. WE have the same temps in Iowa today…#YUCK

  4. Girl, you and me BOTH are over winter. I feel like this has been the longest winter we’ve had in many years. I’m so over it!!!!!

  5. The winter weather doesn’t bother me too much as long as it’s 20-30+ degrees. Once it drops into single digits…nope, I’m ready for that ish to be done, lol.

  6. As if the groundhogs were going to predict anything different. This winter has sucked. Big time. Praying for it to end quickly. And to take the flu with it.

  7. I know that many people were upset with the groundhog today, lol! I had a feeling that it would be 6 more weeks of winter just because of how cold it’s been this winter already!

  8. Seems to me we always have 6 more weeks of winter after this point. I can’t get the weight off either. That sign is crazy.

  9. I am fighting the weight battle myself! It sure shows up easier than it goes away.
    I am completely over snow for sure.

  10. My first business of the year isn’t for a few more weeks, but it’s a doozie, with four cities in five days. I bet that sign is a safety thing for that bar – probably some OSHA rule that the sign has to be there. 😉

  11. I’m ready for spring right about now. :'(

    I’ve definitely never seen that on a public restroom before. Kinda makes me wonder what happened for them to have to put it up. o_o

  12. That is a weird sign. I’m upping my nutrition this month too, I need to get rid of some fluff.

  13. Oh yicks, I could NOT deal with that kind of temps! I’m such a Florida girl. 🙂
    That sign in the restroom is so weird and random. I mean, what the heck? I know I’d be thinking some of the same thoughts. Then again, I’m one of those people who wonders about the craziest things. Haha!

  14. Seems like Phil the groundhog has had the same prediction for the last several years. Although, I can’t really complain about our winter compared to you guys …I’m still over it too. Bring on Spring and sunshine!!!

  15. I am ready for winter to be over, too! I miss consistent workouts outside.

  16. At first I read it as stay tuned for fun discounts and GETaways. I was like whoo hoo! GIVEaways will be fun, too. LOL

    Nothing to complain about, but this winter has been a little weird here in Vegas, too. Not necessarily colder than usual, just weird.

    That toilet sign cracked me up!

  17. I feel like we’re still waiting on winter to arrive here in Colorado! I know you all have had it a lot worse on your side of the Mississippi. Spring will be here before we know it!

  18. I am so over winter too lady! And it has not even been too bad for use Texans!
    That sign in a little weird! But I guess good to know?

    Hope you have a great month!

  19. OMG I’m done with winter too. and it’s not even that bad here. We are actually heading to Poland tonight. I don’t know what on EARTH I was thinking – Poland in February!!!! UGH.

    I am struggling with the weight thing too. I try so hard and peter out after about 4 days… then I have a day off the wagon and then I repeat again. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever see 70KG again. Sigh.

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