January Runfessions


  1. Yeah I think that lululemon definitely lost some customers with their 4080 challenge. If they do it next year, I hope that they change some things, that’s for sure.

    I’ve also been procrastinating this week, but mainly because I’m lacking energy!

  2. I’m the same!!! I just love the whole idea of racing but I’m trying to hold back this year and focus on my first Half Marathon. But I just want to sign up for every race I see! Lol.

  3. Lots of people aren’t too happy with Lulu!!! Though I signed up, I didn’t managed to do the challenge during the COLDEST week’s of January – thank goodness!

  4. I think I’ve been asleep at the wheel, because the Dilly Dilly thing has zero meaning to me LOL You’ll love Grandma’s! It’s so beautiful and the crowd support is fantastic 😉

    1. Author

      Haha I probably wouldn’t know a thing about Dilly Dilly if it wasn’t for my son. It’s in a Bud Light commercial and has gone viral. I’m sure there will be more of it around the Super Bowl.

  5. Are you IN for Berlin? Or have they yet to announce who made it through the lottery? In any case, holler if you want hotel recs or anything else. Yay!

    1. Author

      Yes, I am IN! We found out at the end of November. And I definitely want to hit you up for all of your recommendations! I went back and read all of your posts and it sounds like it was such an amazing trip!

  6. I runfess that you just gave me fomo but telling me you’re running Grandma’s! Every time I get an email about a price increase I get a little tear in my eye. Best race ever. <3

  7. Don’t worry abt the pounds. It will take it’s time to fall off. Just focus on the things you are focusing on and you will finally see results even if it is inches not pounds.

  8. I am constantly battling FOMO. I’m on a slippery slope with it right now with all these fitness certifications and educational opportunities. But I know that saying “no” is sometimes a good thing.

  9. It sounds like Lulu really blew it!

    You’ve got some great races lined up – I want to do the Napa to Sonoma race one of these years. Wine and running – perfect combo 😉

  10. I love the Dilly Dilly thing. So clever!

    I too want to run all the races but my body has different ideas…

  11. You’ve got some epic marathons on tap this year! I’m not sure you’re allowed to have FOMO. I love clever cocktail napkins, but I’m not sure I’m ready for dilly dilly 😉

  12. Weight gain when doing all the right things is so frustrating—sometimes I have to guess our bodies are just doing what they need to do!

  13. I would be very annoyed at that Lululemon thing. But… I don’t like them anyway. For them I’m too “fat” so I don’t even bother. Overpriced stuff anyway. hmmmph.

    talk about FOMO – I entered the lottery for Berlin and didn’t get in. AND… I want to do Chicago but next year is better timing… I have a lot of FOMO here. I’m signed up for exactly 2 races right now. So unlike me. But yeah, I didn’t get into Berlin so I’m kind of like … what do I do now?

    NO IDEA what Dilly Dilly is by the way!!

    1. Author

      I was truly surprised when I got into Berlin! I’m legacy with Chicago, which is just 3 weeks later. Not ideal to do both so close together, but I don’t want to miss Chicago! Dilly Dilly!

  14. It’s annoying that the prize was a discount to the store. I can totally understand why people were put out by that. I don’t think I’ll be using my code for anything, and I imagine there will be a drop off in participants next year.

    I have a few races i mind for later in the year. None of the same ones, but there are always so many great races out there.

  15. FOMO can definitely get you if you aren’t careful. When you get excited about what somebody else has posted about try to take a step and ask yourself if its a race or program that you’re truly interested in.

    1. Author

      That’s for sure. I was really starting to look at the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati. I have friends who live there, but it’s also the 20th anniversary race, which I thought would be pretty cool. I just heard they are sold out. That might not be a bad thing.

  16. I think LuLu should’ve given at least a 50% discount! AT least it would have motivated folks to purchase a piece of clothing. MY guess is not many folks used the 25% off.
    I am struggling with the hormonal menopause weight gain issue myself. It is so hard.

    1. Author

      50% would have been great. As for 25%? No thanks. I didn’t even look. I hear you on the hormones. I’m 56 it it ain’t so good!

  17. I did the challenge but was also irked about the prize. On the positive side, I was glad it got me outside. But there were some days in which I questioned why the heck I was running outside in the very cold weather.

  18. I have heard a lot of people fired up about the Lulu challenge. Pretty cruddy of them to not really offer a prize.
    The Dilly Dilly thing cracks me up. I have had to explain it to my poor hubby a few times.
    Looks like you have some great races on the books for the year!

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