Riding the Winter Running Rollercoaster


  1. You were smart to finish that challenge while the temperatures were still moderate. I am really not feeling well today after running long in the cold this weekend. Hopefully, a couple days of rest will help. I agree with you, there should be special prizes for us cold weather peeps! The California and Florida people have it easy. Yes, I”m bitter… :p

    1. Author

      Ugh. Sorry you’re not feeling well. I saw you did 10 and could only think, “BRRRRR!” I hope it’s nothing. I agree there should be some differentiation in the challenge for those of us in colder climates. Maybe less miles or longer time to complete them? Feel better!

  2. Ha! We’ve had the same weather here. If it’s snowy or icy I usually wear my yacktraxs. I love them, they make a big difference for me.

    1. Author

      Thanks! When we built our house almost 25 years ago we partitioned off a part of our basement as a bedroom. We’ve never needed it for that, so in retrospect I wish we would have made it a larger space. There are a few more things I would love to add but just don’t have the room for.

  3. Good for you for getting your miles in when you could, and congrats on completing the challenge! That’s the thing about runners (like farmers), we learn to watch the weather so we’re on top of things and can get out when the weather is the most forgiving.

    It looks like you’ve got a really nice home gym!

    1. Author

      As my grandfather used to say, if you want to know the weather, look out the window! My home gym has unfortunately been underutilized as of late. Hoping to change that in the new year!

  4. Winter Running Rollercoaster is such an accurate phrase – I love it! I was happy to get in all my runs outdoors last week while we had a break in the below freezing weather.

    You’re home gym is awesome by the way!

  5. I have not given in and bought Yak Trax (yet). If I ran on actual trails more often (or at least in the winter), I’d definitely have more of a need. I’m on the streets/sidewalks…so I don’t think they’d be a great option for me. I have heard great things about them, though.

    1. Author

      I bought a S/M, but they seem like they are going to be a bit too small. I’m going to try to exchange them for a larger size before I test them out.

  6. We’ve had the same crazy weather. 60 degrees and then 10 degrees.

    I don’t wear any traction which makes it hard to find a place to run in the winter.

    I wanted to do the strava challenge but I only wear my Garmin during races so I couldn’t add my mikes.

    1. Author

      I wouldn’t have been outside in this crazy weather if it wasn’t for the requirement that all runs be outdoor. That’s interesting you don’t wear a Garmin on your regular runs. Do you find that you are faster or slower compared to the races where you do wear it?

  7. We have had the crazy weather here too. We should both feel great about completing the Lulu challenge with these temps. Now I know I can run in anything

    1. Author

      Well, I guess the whole world’s gone crazy, so why not the weather?! Congrats to you on finishing the challenge! What doesn’t kill you…

  8. Wow I love your home gym! I need to clear out our garage to make room for one. I can’t imagine running in frigid weather. Been spoiled living in San Diego!

    1. Author

      I think the gym looks much better in the photo than it really is, but it’s more than enough to get a good workout it! I would love to live somewhere where the weather is beautiful year-round, but I do love living in Chicago for so many other reasons!

  9. Why can’t this weather just stabilize alreadY???

    I was able to complete 40K of the 40|80 challenge and I am pretty thrilled with that, seeing as how I only had one week to do it with our vacation plans “in the way.”

    No need for traction here. It’s in the 30s but we dont’ get icy roads or snow.

    1. Author

      Congrats on finishing the challenge! This is the first one I’ve done. I wonder if they do them in the summer. I would be all over that!

  10. It is really hard to get your runs in around these crazy weather swings! Gad you got yours done.

  11. I love your home gym! I am trying to strength train more as well. I’ve never used traction spikes but my best friend lives in Alaska sent me a picture of hers she got for Christmas!

  12. Your weather patterns look a lot like ours (just much warmer here). I swear we can have a 30-40 degree difference from one day to the next!

  13. I need to get back into strength, too! I have trouble sticking to a program because I don’t enjoy it nearly as much as running

  14. Here in Virginia we’ve been on the weather roller coaster train as well. I’m ready for some consistency with the weather. Warmer is better in my book. 🙂

  15. Congrats on finishing the challenge and yes, you deserve an extra prize with the way the weather has been here. I toyed with a spring marathon but, given these conditions, it looks like it’ll have to wait until fall.

  16. Congrats for getting all the miles in for the Strava challenge – and in 10 days no less! I did a long run on New Years Day, thinking it would count. No. Plus I tapered some for a half marathon so I only got in 55k. I’ll have to plan better next year. You have a very nice home gym! Thanks for linking.

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