Let’s Wine ~~ September 2017

September has come to an end, and what a fantastic month it has been! Sit back and relax with your favorite libation as I review my past month. Some quick stats as the month comes to a close:

Walking/Running:  55.2 miles

Biking:  27.5 miles

Gym Workouts:  5 strength training sessions, 3 cardio

Wine Consumption:  With the warm weather hanging around most of the month, I’ve really been enjoying the Sauvignon Blancs!

I worked most of Labor Day weekend, but after 35 years in health care, I’m pretty used to holidays, nights, and weekends not being any different than any other day. I’ve been putting extra hours in at work because of a colleague’s medical leave of absence. It’s been fun catching up with some of my work friends who I don’t see very often, and of course the extra income is nice. Last week I had my annual performance review, and believe it or not, with restructuring (very common in health care) I had not met my direct administrator, so it was great chatting with her and getting to know her on a personal basis.

I’ve talked on and on about my son’s wedding, and two weeks later, I am still reeling with joy at what a wonderful time it was. The Thursday before the wedding the future bride and groom treated both sets of parents to an amazing dinner and it was so much fun getting to know the bride’s parents even better. The wedding itself was fantastic. We had a full weekend of activities and everything went off without a hitch.

10-Mile training run

I’ve had a good month of final training for the Chicago Marathon, which is one week from tomorrow. Mid-training I fell off of the plan, but in true me form I’ve rallied in the past month and I feel good about where I am. I likely won’t PR next Sunday, but for me, finishing is winning and I will definitely finish this race! I have been on weather watch all month, and while the heat is supposed to subside by next weekend, we are potentially expecting some rain during the race. I am hoping it will be pushed forward to later in the day, but if the worst that happens is I get rained on, so be it.

A little bit of cross-training

I have been having fun engaging more with the online running community. I am making friends from around the world and am very much looking forward to some meet-ups at a few of my upcoming races.

40th Anniversary Chicago Marathon Participant Guide

Speaking of which, I am scheduled for two marathons exactly two weeks apart, and then a Ragnar relay the following month. I am looking for some small, fun races to close out the year. With my birthday being on Halloween, it never occurred to me to do a Halloween race, but I am on the lookout for one that is fun and close to home.

How was your month? Are you looking forward to the cooler weather? What are your upcoming fall races? Cheers to another great month!


  1. You’ve had such a busy month! I’m also looking forward to Chicago!

  2. What a great month! And I seriously love your wine updates!!! I’m in love with some local wines lately (Nova 7 is my favourite!).

    I am finally ready for fall and the cooler temps!

  3. You had a hella good month! I’m not wild about the return of warm weather but as long as it’ll be cool for you on race day, I’m happy. Just say no to rain.

  4. Now that I’m back in the running shoes, I’m not dreading the cooler temps as much (but still want my summer back LOL)

  5. Good luck in Chicago! A huge Atlanta contingent is running including my coach and everyone is crossing fingers for good weather.

  6. You have such a full race calendar already! Three big races right in a row is a lot. But I totally get wanting to do a birthday race!! I’ll be doing one on Nov 11 (mine is the 10th).

  7. Wow! That is a jam-packed month. You deserve more than a glass of wine! Good luck in Chicago. I hope you get some well-deserved chill out time after next weekend. Although wedding planning and chill out time don’t really go together, do they?

  8. It looks like the weather should be good for Chicago – fingers crossed! Have you done Ragnar before? I loved it even though I got ZERO sleep!

  9. Sounds like you had a great month, have a great race next weekend! My month was pretty good, I did my first Ragnar Trail Relay – it was so much fun! Which Ragnar are you doing?

  10. Good luck in Chicago. I have always wanted to run a Ragnar, maybe someday!

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