When Life Gives You Lemons…

Well, the best-laid plans. I had planned (really, I did!) to train well (or well, train) for the marathon. But as it happens, life got in the way. I did, indeed start training in a way consistent with my I-am-not-a-runner capabilities. I started with a 3 mile walk on the treadmill in mid-June, and by the second week of July I was doing walk-runs (mostly walking) outside 4 days a week. I was following the Nike “Finish a Race with Coach Purvis” plan as best I could, considering my unpredictable work schedule. If the plan said run 6 miles, I walked 6 miles. If it said run 10 miles, I walked 10 miles. I adjusted the days on the calendar according to my work schedule.

And then…life. On July 25th, my husband was in a bicycle accident. Not the fall-and-scrape-your-knees type. More the shattered ribs, collapsed lung, two major surgeries type. He is now recovering at home, and has quite the scars and a story to tell! He cracked his helmet in the process, so let that be a lesson to anyone who thinks helmets are for sissies. Wear a helmet. ALL. THE. TIME. He was not riding fast and was heading home when the accident happened. It can happen anywhere and anytime. Thank goodness he always wears his.

When Life Gives You Lemons

So…a little interruption in the process. I took a good three weeks off from my walks, but then decided to get back into it. I found these walk/runs a great way to relieve my stress. I jumped back in where I should have been at that point…starting with a 16-mile walk. Since I wasn’t looking to break any records here, I knew I had to work on the distance and not worry about the speed.

Now just two weeks before the marathon, I FINALLY told him I was doing it. With the accident and all of the complications that arose, discussing marathon plans took a back burner. My oldest two boys will come in from college, and all five of us will head to Chicago for the weekend not just for the marathon, but for some much-needed family bonding time. The weekend coincides with our 25th wedding anniversary, and between the marathon and my husband’s accident, that only makes our time together more special.

This summer I learned a lot about determination and stamina. Not just through my sort-of-preparing for a marathon, but also through my husband’s work towards healing from an incredibly traumatic event.

How do you avoid the many distractions and handle all of the responsibilities that keep your for training the way you would like to? Do you prioritize your training over other responsibilities in your life? What kinds of things have thwarted your plans to complete a big race?


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