Chicago and Marine Corps Marathon Training Recap, Week 8

One of just two training runs this week

Week 8 of (pseudo)training is in the books! My logged miles this week are way (way, way) down due to knee replacement surgery. Say what?! Ha! Not mine! There are just four people in my work group (two of which are part-time), and one of the full-timers had knee replacement surgery last week. That means the rest of us have had to cover her shifts. For me that meant TRIPLING my work hours last week. With a wedding, college tuition, and property taxes all coming up next month, I am happy for the extra hours. But as far as marathon training goes? Not so much. No use sugar-coating it or even listing my day-by-day activities as I have in previous posts. I got two runs in this past week, and that was it. Some is better than none, right??? I loaded up on the extra hours last week, and my colleagues are picking up more of them this week, so I am pushing forward and getting done what I can get done.

Fall marathons will soon be here!

The weather in Chicago has finally turned (I think), with the temperatures dropping along with the humidity. This seems to happen ever year. We go from brutally hot to hello, fall! I added biking to my training a few weeks ago, and have now added (a little) strength training to the mix. I’ll continue to build on each of these activities as I get closer to the dates. Chicago is now just six weeks away, and MCM is eight weeks away!

I would be remiss if I didn’t add something about the eclipse! I of course had to work that day, but that didn’t stop me (or what seemed like the entire hospital staff) from going outside to check it out. The cloud cover in Chicago obscured much of the views, but it was pretty cool, nonetheless!

I also had the opportunity to write a guest post on ketogenic diets for the Femme Fitale Fit Club. You can check out my post here.

Scrubs and some fun solar eclipse glasses were all I needed!



How has your week been? Did you get a chance to see the eclipse? Have you ever tried a ketogenic diet?


  1. I did do a keto diet once. Found it all right but the minute I veered off and ate more carbs I gained the weight back. I cannot sustain it.

  2. Oh wow, kudos to you for handling those extra work hours and still getting in some of your runs this week – I know that had to be tough!

  3. We road-tripped from Central Iowa to Grand Island NE for the eclipse…and it was so amazing! It also was a bit eery when it got so dark so fast (and the temps dropped) and all the birds freaked out, but such an incredible experience.

  4. Sounds like some fine training if you ask me!

    We did not get to see the eclipse – it was cloudy and raining here. Boo.

    Week was crazy busy with everything going on. Hopefully I get a break soon.

    No keto for me. I like all my other food groups too much 🙂

  5. At least you’re getting some activity in! Glad it wasn’t YOUR knee!!! Phew.

  6. There were so many people out on Michigan ave rubbernecking for the eclipse. Um guys…. those are clouds…

  7. I only know about the ketogenic diet from taking care of kids with seizure disorders. It’s controversial, but sometimes it’s used for kids with intractable seizures. That’s my perspective..ll

  8. My neighbors had glasses so I did actually get to see the eclipse which was pretty cool! I have heard of Keri diets, but never have tried it, I will have to check out your post!

    1. Author

      I was able to use one of my colleague’s glasses and it made all the difference in the world. While much of our view was obstructed by clouds, it was still pretty cool to see.

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