March Runfessions


  1. I think your running mojo will come back once the temperatures are a little longer. It’s really hard to get motivated when its 20 degrees outside!

  2. I runfess that I’m training for a half marathon mid May and really trying hard to not focus on the weeks that keep counting down as I go through my training.

    1. Author

      It gets a little nerve-racking when the date seems to creep up out of nowhere! You will do great and I can’t wait to read the recap!

  3. I feel like everyone’s March dragged on. i hope April is better for everyone.

  4. Haha, I’m giggling at the Chreaster comment. But I’m definitely of the opinion that you can be spiritual/religious even without attending church. I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I roll with it 🙂

    March was a weird month for me with training too – trying to come back from an injury + snowstorms + a lot of life stuff going on = not exactly an optimal schedule.

  5. I”m not even a Chreaster anymore. We just don’t go. Lapsed Catholic…

    What half are you signed up for? And do you want to do the Lakefront 10 miler with me April 21? It’s a good one…

    1. Author

      I looked at the Lakefront 10 Miler but I am working a 12 that day. I swear one of these days we will meet up! I am doing the Naperville Women’s Half on the 22nd. I ran the inaugural two years ago and absolutely loved it. The weather was perfect and I was in decent shape. I had to miss last year for a wedding in Arizona. I’m hoping this year’s race will get my butt back on track.

  6. My spring calendar is pretty full…but that’s just the way I like it. I’m done with road races until April 22nd unless I get a spontaneous itch. I do have my Fight for Air Climb next weekend, though (Apr. 8th).

    1. Author

      April 22nd is my half as well. I ran that race two years ago and absolutely loved it, so I’m really looking forward to it this year. Have fun at the Climb!

  7. LOL, I actually may be an anti-Chreaster! I go to church regularly, but not necessarily on Christmas and Easter because I find it hard to go to those “family” services without my kids. I did go to church with my Mom this past Christmas, but I may go for a run on Easter morning …. or I might run to the sunrise service at the Lincoln Memorial if I really get organized and motivated.

    1. Author

      Oh, that’s so funny! We used to be so consistent about weekly mass but it has slowly faded from our calendars. We’ll get back to it eventually…a sunrise service at the Memorial sounds wonderful!

  8. I’ve definitely had races where I’ve lost my mojo to train! Usually it means I need a break or to switch things up.

    No racing for me as I have babies on the way but can’t wait to get back into it!

    1. Author

      You have looked so great throughout the pregnancy! I bet you will be out the door running just weeks after you deliver your girls!

  9. I’m glad I’m not the only one that waits to the last minute sometimes for training plans. I did that before, and although I regretted it around mile 10–I still made it out alive! 🙂

  10. I had a pretty crappy run month too. Hopefully with the better weather you can get out again! And I’ve run plenty of half marathons with very little serious training. Sometimes the goal is to just get out there and carpe diem, you know? And if I am serious about a race then I will find a way (generally. Not always) to train. But then it’s a fall half and not a spring one because … weather. (don’t ask me why I’m training for a spring full – also, I’m the cat in your meme).

    I recently ran a Half (well, no, I didn’t) and was not into it at all because it was so cold and monsoon windy. I stepped out at 10KM. I’d had enough. Not sure I’d have done the shamrock shuffle either!

    We don’t go to church at all, we are both atheists, Easter here is just about eating and drinking anyway and I’m not down with an eat and drink fest under the guise of a religious holiday. I grew up religious and definitely don’t judge people at all for the frequency in which they go to church. Are you a good person? Do you not kill people or torture animals? Do you try to do the right thing on a daily basis? You are good in my book. Chr or Chreas, or nothing at all ☺

    My spring race calendar is now only Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon and that’s even almost in Summer (May 19). As I said I HAD a Half on the books for which I officially choose a DNF. I may try to find something before Liverpool but it will be tricky. Hubs is running Boston so there’s the trip to the US that will wreck at least my schedule. I have my 30km on the calendar for the week after I return and then I only have 3 weeks after that for the marathon. So, tricky.

    1. Author

      It sounds like many of us had crazy and/or miserable Marches. I guess misery loves company, though. Here’s to better days ahead for both of us!

  11. March was a total drag! Especially because I’m injured. I runfess I’ve never run the SS ever. I feel like my Chi running card should be revoked. The dates just never work. Here’s to a better April both for running and weather! Thanks for linking!

    1. Author

      Yes, hopefully you are on the mend it will be back on track sooner than later. That’s so funny about the Chi running card! I guess if the weather will cooperate, I’ll run the Shamrock Shuffle one of these years!

  12. March is tough to stay motivated in. Everyone is over winter. Summer still feels like a long ways off. It’s hard to keep training and keep goals in focus. Hang in there!

    1. Author

      It’s definitely a relief not to get crazy about my times. I have literally walked full marathons. And since I need to cut more than an hour off of my PR to BQ, there’s no pressure there!

  13. Chreaster is quite the term – I’ve never heard that before! I haven’t been great about decorating or really getting into the buildup of the holidays around here – we travel a lot and have so much going on that it’s hard. I still go all out on the day, and I know our little guy appreciates that.

    I hope you have a better month. That yearlong yoga subscription sounds great, although I imagine I wouldn’t use it much either- I hope you are able to get your mojo back. Hang in there.

  14. The month of March was CRAZY for me!
    I feel like it was so long yet so short at the same time!
    I DO not miss running in the cold Chicago weather.
    I did run the Shamrock 8K back in 2007 when I lived in the area and it was a gorgeous day! I doubt I would have run if it had been that cold!
    Cheers to April!

    1. Author

      I literally watched the weather up until the week before the Shamrock Shuffle before I decided yay or nay. 27 degrees made it a very easy nay!

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