This week’s marathon training recap covers two weeks for two reasons. For one, last Monday was the last day of July, which meant a Let’s Wine installment was due on the blog. Second, the past two weeks of marathon training have been lacking in, um, how should I say it? Oh yeah—marathon training. Between lots of work hours, lots going on at the home front, and lots of poor excuses, I managed only a few runs in the past two weeks. Looking back, Week 5 wasn’t horrible, though I didn’t hit all of my marks. Week 6 was nothing less than pathetic. So rather thanRead More →

Well, as I have been reading on so many other peoples’ posts this past week, the big collective we can’t believe how quickly summer is flying by! It’s already time for the July installment of Let’s Wine! So grab a glass of your favorite varietal (or any other libation of your choosing), and let’s reflect together on this past month! Some quick stats as I close out the month: Walking/Running:  111.1 miles (and yes, indeed, I will take credit for that last 0.1!) Biking:  10.2 miles Gym Workouts:  4.5 hours Wine Consumption:  Back on track and enjoying some refreshing Sauvignon Blancs as well as some great Rosés on these coolRead More →

With marathon training in full swing, my runs are getting longer, which means strategically planning my routes. I of course need to make sure I get the miles in, but I also need to plan for water refills along the way. It’s been ridiculously hot and humid in the Chicago area for at least the past month, so I’ve had to get creative to assure I stay hydrated in the heat. I always carry a liter bottle of water with me when I run, which generally lasts about five miles. On my longer runs, I need to either circle back home, or plan my routesRead More →

Well, week four of marathon training has come and gone, and as expected; it was mostly gone. I didn’t hit the scheduled 42 miles on the plan for this week, which wasn’t much of a surprise. I knew this would be an off-week for two reasons. For one, the week should have started with a five-mile run, but instead I had a half marathon on the calendar for Sunday, which meant a rest day the following day. The half marathon was in California, which involved a two-hour time change and four-hour flight home the following day. Second, I knew my training would fall off forRead More →

This past Sunday I ran the Destination Races Napa to Sonoma (N2S) Half Marathon for the second year in a row, and once again, it did not disappoint! The N2S is the premier race in the Destination Races Wine Country Half Marathon series. Other venues include Santa Barbara, CA, Purcellville, VA, Carlton, OR, Kelowna, BC, and Geyserville, CA. Thus far I have run N2S twice and Santa Barbara once. I love these races so much, I’ve made it my goal to run them all, and in fact, after last year’s race, I became a Destination Races Ambassador! Race registration opened on November 11th, and becauseRead More →

As I end week three of marathon training, I’m happy with the week despite not having met the goals as set out in my full marathon training plan. With a half marathon scheduled on Day 1 of Week 4, I purposely modified this past week of training so as not to overwhelm myself before the half. Besides, being the Great Procrastinator that I am, with 12 full weeks left before Chicago, I’m still way ahead of my usual game. The weather in Chicago this past week has remained brutally humid, which added an extra layer to my training. I stuck with the plan for theRead More →

This Sunday, I will be running (loose term) the Destination Races Napa to Sonoma (N2S) Half Marathon for the second consecutive year. This is a phenomenal race; so much so that it sells out in less than an hour. After all, who wouldn’t want to run a race whose course takes the participants through wine country and ends in a wine and music festival? I feel fortunate to have gotten a spot again this year. Stay tuned for what I’m sure will be a great review. You can read my recap of the 2016 race here. When I signed up for this race last year,Read More →

Week two of marathon training is in the books! Despite the fact that I am preparing for my 5th consecutive Chicago Marathon, this is the first time I have started a training program on time. It’s also the first time I’ve stuck with it to a tee. Of course, it’s only been two weeks, but for me, that’s an accomplishment! I admittedly am a huge procrastinator, but I also seriously do not have the time to commit to a full training program. But in reality, who does? For those of us whose full-time job is NOT running, we do what we can. To be honest,Read More →

You read that right, I am training for not one, but two marathons! On October 8th, I will be completing the Chicago Marathon for the 5th consecutive year (Hello, Legacy Finisher Status!), and then just two weeks later, on October 22nd, I will be completing the Marine Corps Marathon. You’ll notice I said completing, and not necessarily running. Let’s not get crazy here. Remember the tagline…Not a runner, just a marathoner. Chicago 2013 was my first marathon, and in fact my first race ever. My ‘training’ consisted of doing as much of the last 10 or so weeks of a 15-week training plan as I could.Read More →

Wow! In the blink of an eye, it’s time for the June installment of Let’s Wine! I can’t believe how quickly this month has flown by. Have a seat with your favorite libation, and let’s review the month together! I’m more of a red wine lover, but in the summer months I do enjoy a cool, crisp Sauvignon Blanc as I prepare for dinner or while hanging out on my deck (or at the local Mariano’s, as the case may be). Some quick stats as I close out the month: Walking/Running:  53 miles Biking:  27.5 miles Gym Workouts:  6 hours Wine Consumption:  Waaay less than usual! Is that a goodRead More →